A Legend Is Laid to Rest

Senator Edward Moore Kennedy was laid to rest today following glowing tributes and a eulogy from the President of the United States.  Kennedy changed the world for the good in his 77 years on earth and 47 in the Senate.  He spoke forcefully and eloquently for those with no voice, for the old, the young, the disable, all minorities and for women.  He stood up for those who could not stand, he spoke for those with no voice, he campaigned constantly for progress, for the oppressed, for the downtrodden.

Few people have the capability of changing the world for the better.  Ted Kennedy was one of those who did.  His loss, especially during the effort to obtain his lifelong dream of serious health care reform, is a tragedy.  However we must not look at our loss, we should look at our gain for having him represent all of us for 47 years.  His accomplishments are legendary, his soaring rhetoric inspiring.  Though his voice may be silenced by the ravages of cancer his dream will live on as long as those of us remaining keep that dream alive.

This is the legacy he leaves to all of us:  keep his dream alive.

One thought on “A Legend Is Laid to Rest”

  1. Teddy was the epitome of the left…which means his personal life was of no consequence to his leftist supporters as long as he was on the right (correct) side of the issues.

    If Teddy were a Republican, his personal collapses in judgement means he would have been given the Bob Packwood treatment YEARS ago. Decades ago.

    And I hate to break your bubble, John, but you stated that Teddy didnt know Mary Jo was even in his backseat when they went swimming…  but if that were the case, why would HE make 7 or 8 attempts to dive towards the car…his words, not mine.

    You guys think he work for healthcare is great. Fine. I think its yet another of big government intrusion. You guys loved his fiery passion about raising the minimum wage…i think it hurts the people its supposedly designed to help, and you guys love his social programs…I think its more of that same liberal hypocracy of looking good on someone else’s dollar.  The libs are always BIG spenders on someone else’s money…but when its their own (most recently Charlie Rangel)…they suddenly get short arms and deep pockets.

    just my two cents.

    have a great day :)

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