Rendell Proposing “Bridge” Budget

Gov. Rendell is preparing to enact a bridge budget if a House/Senate conference committee meeting today is unable to reconcile huge gaps between Republican (Senate) and Democratic (House) budget proposals.  Senators Dominic Pileggi, Jake Corman and Jay Costa join Representatives Dwight Evans, Todd Eachus and Sam Smith trying to hammer out spending authorization for state government.  State workers are looking at a payless payday tomorrow and vendors are not getting paid.

The Governor says he will ask the House to pass Senate Bill 850, the GOP budget, and he will then use his line item veto to annul all but the essential services pending passage of an acceptable budget.  This way core governmental services can continue, vendors and employees get paid in the interim.  Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair TJ Rooney and spokesman Gary Tuma appeared on Democratic Talk Radio this morning to discuss the impasse and Rendell’s proposed short term solution.  Rooney mentioned a certain Senator who is voting with Republicans on this and condemned the traitorous conduct.  Lisa Boscola went unnamed by Rooney but is the Lehigh Valley State Senator, well known for her public and private bouts of shameful drunkenness, who cannot seem to see through her alcoholism induced fog to understand the importance of education.

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