PA Democratic Party State Committee Picnic on a Friday???

The August 28 picnic in Camp Hill, PA is sure to be a blast this year as candidates with visions of sugar plums abounding to look for support, scout the competition, and solicit their next would-be donor.  The 30 dollar ticket price will be well worth its weight in gold with some of the characters that will gracefully abound providing many highlights and new stories. However, to step back from the wonderful job and hard work that the PA Democratic Party staff puts into making these events truly outstanding as they ALWAYS are…

I would like to examine the practicality of holding State Committee events on a Friday evening. It may be coined the only option, but in terms of an attendance and money making perspective, it is highly illogical.  For example, the picnic will be held on Friday the 28th of August, and unless you were able to take the day off of work, are employed in politics, are a senior, or are unemployed you likely will not be able to attend.  Thus, this event is likely to attract the same old people as opposed to new people from the Philly and Pittsburgh areas.  This includes potential donors who would like to come mingle, but otherwise will be lost from attending because the picnic was scheduled on a Friday evening, whereas they could definitely make it to the picnic on Saturday Aug 29th if it were held then.

I know it has been this way in the past, but having a state picnic on a Friday kinda is what it is (a local picnic)… people highly interested in attending on Saturday from all over the state likely won’t be showing up for the picnic on Friday.  All’s we’ll have is a bunch of Gubernatorial candidate staffs fighting over the Gubernatorial straw poll set to take place and spitting watermelon seeds at each other (and likely Morgan too).  Hopefully there will be some free booze on hand again so John can get some good stories!

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