Hoeffel, Meehan, and 2010 Intrigue

Two intriguing candidates in my mind for 2010… in much different respects are Joe Hoeffel and Patrick Meehan.  

In the Democratic field, Montgomery County Comissioner Hoeffel in my mind would be the main contender to Dan Onorato, and provide the “Don Cunningham effect” to the split that we were anticipating a year ago before it became clear that Cunningham was not going to run.  Onorato appears to be the favorite in the field so far.  A Hoeffel candidacy appears intriguing because he already has Jack Wagneresque name recognition (well maybe not that much but he’s well-known).  I am not sure how much COH Hoeffel has left over in his coffers from his 2004 Senate run.

In the Republican field, Pat Meehan, Tom Corbett and Jim Gerlach would be “one hot mess” of a GOP primary battle with Corbett so far as the anticipated favorite.  Some in the party want Meehan to take the GOP Lt. Governor post, but Meehan seems none too happy with that.  I am predicting that if Meehan does run for a post, he will surprise us all and run for Congress, becoming a very, very formidable candidate.  

Who are the top candidates to take over Jim Gerlach’s seat in 2010 for the Dems and GOP?

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