GOP Abandons States Rights Plank

The sacred plank of state’s rights has been foundation of the Republican Party since its formation during the slavery debate.  The GOP has steadfastly stood up against federalism and for state’s rights to the point where it came to civil war.  States have the right to determination of any issue not specifically enumerated to the federal government in the constitution according to their ideology.

How quickly they abandoned this last week when the NRA demanded they vote for a radical gun measure.  I’m sorry to report that many Democrats also knuckled under to the knuckle draggers including Bob Casey.  The bill would have required states to allow the carrying of weapons inside their state by anyone with a permit from another state.

There is nothing in the constitution giving this power to the federal government and states have kept this authority to determine who can carry deadly weapons as their right and not that of the feds.  The 58 Senators who voted for this bill did so in a naked attempt to severely limit state’s rights in a precedent setting bill which could have been the basis for completely emasculating state’s rights on every other issue.  Fortunately the bill needed 60 votes to close debate so was defeated by the narrowest of margins.

Allowing a wild west mentality to be forced on peace loving states by those western ones interested in open gang warfare on their streets and flying bullets through day care centers and the like was radical and extreme.  The fact the NRA dictated this vote and it failed illustrates their declining influence.  Common sense prevailed but, frighteningly, was a minority.  Sen. Casey has been in the pocket of the NRA his entire career and should be ashamed of this vote.  It could come back to haunt him.  I recall reminding people of his NRA affiliations during that primary election.

2 thoughts on “GOP Abandons States Rights Plank”

  1. Any news on the final tally?

    This was an absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary bill… already, Pennsylvania enables permits from 23 other states.  Further, this does not affect out of state hunters in any capacity according to my understanding of it.  This was an aider and abetter to those who should not have guns, oh say someone coming over the border from Jersey into Philly w a hand or machine gun.  

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