Birthers Take Over the GOP Lunatic Fringe

We saw it on the campaign trail last year:  the lunatic fringe which has taken over the Republican Party calling Obama a terrorist, a Muslim and someone who would allow the government to come and seize all your guns.  Aside from these crazy conspiracy theories has come their latest fad:  that President Obama was born in Kenya and isn’t constitutionally qualified to be President.  These nut cases are referred to as “Birthers” and are all over conservative talk radio and blogs spreading their poisonous propaganda.

Unfortunately no amount of propaganda can remove the facts.  Obama was born in Hawaii, his actual birth certificate HAS been produced by the State of Hawaii and authentic copies of local newspapers exist which recorded his birth at the time.  If he was actually born in Kenya why did two Hawaiian newspapers at the time report that he had been born?  Why would they care that a Barack Hussein Obama had been born in Kenya?  They reported he was born in Hawaii as his official birth certificate certifies.

Some people are simply insane.  Others refuse to believe facts even when presented.  These morons choose to believe falsities because they wish to.  It is one thing to be stupid and not able to comprehend facts.  It is quite worse to choose to be stupid and ignore them.  Birthers are mostly the latter.  These are those same idiots we interviewed last year waiting to attend McCain/Palin rallies who rattled off the same GOP talking points they heard from Rush, O’Lielly, Beck, Hannity and the rest of the lunatic fringe talking heads without once checking the facts for themselves.

Now these lunatics are taking over the asylum by influencing members of Congress.  Mike Stark, s well known blogger, approached numerous Congressmen and asked if they believe this nonsense.  I’m not surprised to report that Tim Murphy was one of them.  Afraid to accept the truth or unwilling to accept facts, these are people who have the votes which directly affect your life from health care reform to funding for police, for economic development, to war and peace.  Isn’t that a scary thought?  People who vote to determine whether we go to war are so misinformed on a simple, basic issue they cannot answer a simple question?  Now you understand how Iraq happened.

Ask your Congressman if he’s part of the lunatic fringe.

You can see more here.

2 thoughts on “Birthers Take Over the GOP Lunatic Fringe”

  1. …led by their main man, Joe Farah, are a key group of people who have been fanning the flames of this latest brazen idiocy aimed at trying to further twist the truth from what it is.  

    I’ve even seen freaking billboards with the slogans asking for the birth certificate or some other such nonsense.  

    Wow, these people are shelling out $5,000 a month or more on interstate highway billboards.  What is more, how many people in the mainstream even have 1 damn clue about what these meat-heads are talking about with their silly bulletin boards.

    I don’t want to hear thing one word out of the mouthes of any of these people about morality or the lack of moral fabric or any other schtick about being the more “conservative” or party of “values”.  They have no f’n shame, no credibility, and yet, we’ve got a lot of people who are just jumping at this stuff like salmon up a river in Idaho.  

    For God’s sake (or for any other deity’s or reason’s sake) people!  Wake the hell up and realize what frauds these people are!  

    This doesn’t even rise to the dubious distinction of being snake oil or a swindle.  It is bald-face, brazen, garbage wrapped in a pretty-colored, tantalizing package.  

  2. the way that Michael Moore is getting box seats at the DNC…lemme know.  And the 9/11 TRUTHERS?  Like they have no home in the Democratic party…toss in the Bush National Guard folks, the ‘stolen election of 2000’ that you still arent over, and how Fox is run by the GOP…you guys have PLENTY of wackos of your own to deal with.

    have a great day :)

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