And now a word from the poofter (or is it pooftah)

Actually it’s Poofta and it’s a primarily British and Aussie slang for homosexual. Usually referring to a thin, effeminate man. Hardly an apt description of John or myself for that matter.

But of all the derogatory words one could use satirically or mean-spiritedly, poofter/poofta is rather tame in the grand scheme of things.

I know Mr. Fielding is just a poor ignorant Republican but even he should have been able to come up with something better than poofta.

Allow me to help you Mr. Fielding…having been of the receiving end of these verbal barbs for many of my 49 years I suggest in future you choose from this, somewhat more tastier list of insults. If you really want to hurt someone, don’t hold back…be like Sally Kern and really let it fly. Try using: fag, faggot, poof, queer, homo, turd burglar (loved that one), sissy, fudge packer, corn holer, liberal fairy arse, arse bandit, pillow biter (that would be me), cock sucker (me again), nancy boy, mary, batty boy, ass bandit, swish, shirt lifter, puff, pansy, gaylord, knob, fudgepacker or the ever obscure uphill gardener.

I’m sure there are plenty not of this list either. Get your friends to leave comments with more…I love collecting words.

If you think names don’t hurt Mr. Fielding I would dare you to walk in my shoes for 1 month. It takes a strong person to be a faggot in today’s society. Stronger than you can ever imagine. With ignorant people like you constantly trying to push us back in the closet, tell us we’re worthless and that we have no place in society, that we are not normal and we should just go away…it takes a strong person to live with that kind of vitriol and still flourish as a person…still be a good person.

I don’t hate you Mr. Fielding…I pity you. You want to be elected to represent the citizens. Yet you choose to deny the right of marriage to an entire group of taxpayers because you don’t agree with it or perhaps your belief system doesn’t agree with it. Well here’s a big FYI for you Mr. Fielding…your right to swing your dogma ends at the tip of my nose. Churches don’t issue marriage license Mr. Fielding, the state does…and the state has an obligation to treat ALL it’s taxpaying citizens the same. I suspect that concept will just baffle you.

If the church issued licenses and if we were REQUIRED to get married in a church (which we’re not by the way) then it would be a different story.

And let’s not even talk about the REAL tradition of marriage in the Christian tradition because it’s laughable…it included polygamy, incest, use of slaves…in one case a man ended up married to a kitchen condiment (you may recall Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt). Biblical marriage, as a template or a ruler against which all marriage should be measured, is a joke.

Until the 1960’s traditional marriage didn’t allow for people of different races to get married. Do you want to bring back that prohibition too? Come along Mr. Fielding…really use your brain to think through the ramifications of what you are saying. 1 man, 100 wives…this is a good idea to you?

You want to protect marriage? Outlaw divorce. Or introduce legislation to bring back stoning for those who commit adultery…that’s traditional too right?

If you want to hurt people Mr. Fielding don’t coach it in platitudes and say that you’re supporting a “tradition” or being “satirical”. If you want to hurt people, then do it…be a bigot and be proud about it. Let people judge you for the true person you are. To mask your true feelings is to treat your supporters without respect.

I think we cocksuckers being 4th or 5th class citizens isn’t good enough for you…I think that maybe you would like to pack the queers and the dykes away. You could set up camps like they did for the Japanese in the 1940’s…or better yet, you could setup camps like Hitler did. Round up all us faggots and just snuff us out…how’s that sound? Then we’re not citizens at all…we’re dead…problem solved…and you can go back to your traditional marriage and ponder who will be the next group deserving of your ire.

Thank you Mr. Fielding for showing people a little of your true colors. Some people will rally to your side. Some people will step back and wonder whether or not you are worthy of their support.

You are quite correct to not stay awake waiting for support from the gay community on election day…it most certainly won’t be coming. But then you don’t want it…this fairy says ‘wish granted’.

Good luck Mr. Fielding…I bid you peace.

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