Sen. Eichelberger Unapologetic

Sen. John Eichelberger said on a debate on WHYY’s Radio Times about gays and lesbians:  “we’re allowing them to exist.”  This outrageous statement which echoes of the holocaust and genocide of Jews, gays and other minorities is resulting in further embarrassment for Pennsylvania that so many bigoted people exist in our state government.

Eichelberger responded to the outrage over his statement by blasting Mike Morrill of Keystone Progress for publicizing his remark.  That’s always a bad startegy for damage control when one says something truly outrageous:  insult the messenger rather than apologizing.  Here’s what the Senator who is sponsoring legislation to enshrine his bigotry said:

“This group [Keystone Progress] is a politically active group that goes around the country targeting people that are involved in this issue. If this is an example of how they conduct themselves then it’s difficult to continue dialogue and discussion, if people intentionally misportray the truth.”

Tomorrow Keystone Progress will host an event at the Capitol to protest Sen. Eichelberger’s statements and ask for an apology.  It is at noon.

One thought on “Sen. Eichelberger Unapologetic”

  1. Mike Morrill is a courageous and effective activist, and we are lucky to have him shining his light of truth on shameful purveyors of bigotry in our state.

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