Sen Eichelberger Refuses to Apologize

Echoes of the holocaust resounded around the state Capitol this afternoon as Sen. John Eichelberger refused to recant, apologize for or explain his recent statement about gays and lesbians:  “we’re allowing them to exist.”

Sen. John “Himmler” Eichelberger met briefly with gay and straight protesters after ducking them twice as a group of twenty people asked for an apology for his horrific statements recently about GLBT people.  The Senator steadfastly refused to apologize or make any explanation for saying “we’re allowing them to exist” in a WHYY debate with Sen. Daylin Leach about gay and lesbian issues.

I asked the Senator if he meant he has the right to deny my existence and he refused to respond while ducking into the Senate chamber and leaving security to bar me.

I’ve heard few more explosive statements from legislators than this one.  It implies the state, especially since this bigot is a State Senator, can deny us our right to exist.  This harkens back to the days of the holocaust and various campaigns of genocide by majority populations against minorities.  Sen. Eichelberger has introduced legislation legalizing discrimination against GLBT people in Pennsylvania and it is a slippery slope to go from there to denying certain people their right to exist.  

Any state legislator co-sponsoring or voting with Sen. Eichelberger stands with him in his statements. Anyone supporting his extremism will be considered as supporting his statements and positions.

I found it incredible that the Senator would offer no explanation for his comments.  The fact he knew we would be at his office at noon and chose not to be there showed his cowardice.  It was not until we waited an hour and returned that his receptionist allowed us a few minutes with the Senator in an additional hour.  Then he refused to spend more than a moment and refused to answer simple questions hiding behind Capitol security.

John Eichelberger has shown his true colors and his true agenda:  he only allows allows gays and lesbians to exist and can revoke that right with legislation.  The fact he is a Senator is frightening because he can introduce such legislation at any time.  Perhaps it is time for every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered person in Pennsylvania to stand up and insist they be allowed to exist.  Perhaps it is time for all GLBT people in America to boycott Pennsylvania.  Why would anyone come here or do business here in this climate of hatred, bigotry and fear?

Update:  Sen. Himmler again showed what a coward he is by not showing up for a second radio debate with Sen. Daylin Leach this evening.  Maybe he was afraid what else he might say…

More video:

This is Mike Morrill of Keystone Progress speaking to reporters including me.

3 thoughts on “Sen Eichelberger Refuses to Apologize”

  1. …but I am NOT, by his showing of brazenness or cowardice.  The bulwark of hate has a face and right now it is Senator Eichelberger and one thing that makes it easy for any group who wants to rally people around their cause is to have an easily identifiable and flagrant face of opposition to use as a focal point for that rallying cry.  

    Senator Eichelberger may well end up being a chief reason for substantive changes and reforms that help to set the wheels of progress and justice in motion more than any handful of vivified activists in this state on these issues could have done without such a catalytic and galvanizing presence as Eichelberger’s to the fray of this ongoing debate and set of circumstances.  

    The continued dodging, apparent silence, and lack of plausible explanation to diffuse the situation, seems to point towards the mentality of hunkering down and hoping that one can sandbag the issue until it loses steam and becomes patently a dead or back-burner issue, but in this case, I believe the Senator to be gravely mistaken in his choice to “ride out the storm” behind the screen of official seclusion.  Perhaps he hopes that as the throngs of people, who are rightly infuriated with his ill-conceived remarks, grow and continue to voice their opposition and calls for an apology, that he’ll somehow end up looking like a person who is being bullied and try to appear as the aggrieved party in this situation, in hopes of gaining sympathy and support.  I would not put such a crass and shameful attempt past a person who has the brazen brevity and gall to make the remarks he has and to leave them without further elaboration or regret.  

    While it is true that this state has in its power the legal means to deprive a person of their life, who have committed a heinous criminal act, generally the taking of another’s life by graphic or grotesque means, in the form of the death penalty, after due process, I dearly hope sir, you are not trying to put the homosexuals of this state on par with vicious murders and killers.  For otherwise, I do not know of how else this state can currently demand that a person offer up their life, if the state would so choose to exercise its prerogative.  

    By your statements, which have still yet to receive further attention from you regarding GLBT people in this state, it would seem that you place their existence on the same level as the common household pet.  For if a citizen of this Commonwealth wishes to exterminate the life of a household pet, they can do so, generally without much of any repercussion and in effect allow the pet to exist for as long as they wish to do so.  

    Did you really think when you made that flippant remark that people were, by and large, just gonna roll over, like the aforementioned pets, and simply figure it was just another asinine politico blowing ill-wind from their sphincter and seemingly little more?!  I know that we are not generally the most excitable people in this state sometimes and we’ve come to expect a good deal of crapola to flow from the mouthes of our elected officials, sad as the implications of that notion are to the civic character of the citizenry here in Pennsylvania, but sometimes people step over the line with that stuff and this time you dove over it like champion the wonder horse.  

    Only in this case you don’t get the laurel wreath of victory.  You get the shoe leather buffet and an all you can eat crow salad bar.  Are you still hungry or is it time to give it a rest and come up for air?  Cause just like the Doritos™ brand said, “Crunch all you, we’ll make more”.  So, are you really that spiteful or just really thick and ignorant?  

  2. I love your low-key, unflinching style of confronting bigots and getting them on the record for the world to see.

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