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I don’t care about Michael Jackson.  I didn’t when he was alive and I don’t now that he’s dead.  Good riddance.

I also don’t care about Jon & Kate.  Until they landed in all the media and locals began telling me they really are cheating on each other that I even discovered who they were and the fact they have a TV show.  Now crawl back into your holes and disappear.  We have more important things to discuss.

I miss New Mexico already.  Seeing drivers speeding, running stop signs, cutting me off and so forth instills a hunger within me for the polite, mellow attitudes of the Land of Enchantment.  Can’t wait to return.

Superior Court Judge Jack Panella is our guest this week on Democratic Talk Radio.  He’s running for the state Supreme Court and you can listen through the web with the link here on the blog.  We go live at 8:05 am on WGPA.

I see where 21,000 Pennsylvanians are about to lose their unemployment compensation.  Things are about to get very tough for these folks.  To all those who continue saying the recession is a figment of our imaginations go talk to these people and hire some of them.

Today is the end of the quarterly fundraising cycle for federal candidates.  Go contribute to your favorites including those running next year against incumbents.

Though I didn’t vote for or support Barack Obama even I didn’t anticipate he’d continue the wireless eavesdropping program or the detention of prisoners without due process.  Then there’s the whole betrayal of gay rights…  Every day I see President Obama I’m happier I voted for Cynthia McKinney.

I haven’t made it out kayaking much this year between my hand surgery then our new house.  It’s time to get paddling again!

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  1. While the majority of rank and file Democrats do not share your unhappiness over President Obama’s recent positions on national security issues and the gay agenda, most would at least agree with you on Michael Jackson.

    What is hard to figure out is your statement “Every day I see President Obama I’m happier I voted for Cynthia McKinney.” Actually, next to Michael Jackson it is difficult to find anyone whose public conduct and statements have been more bizarre than your 2008 choice for President.                                        Allow here a few examples:

    Following the Katrina disaster, McKinney supported the hearsay statement of a woman who claimed her son and other National Guard soldiers rounded up 5,000 prisoners, shot them in the head and dumped their bodies in a LA swamp.

    Following the 9/11 attack on the NY Trade Center, the same McKinney charged that the United States government had advance knowledge of the attacks and that George W. Bush may also have been aware of the plan and allowed it to be carried out.

    Finally (to avoid too long a bill) McKinney was accused (but never formally charged) of physically assaulting a U.S. Capitol police officer, an incident for which she, nevertheless, felt it necessary to apologize for.

    In line with the foregoing, would you seriously have us believe that President Obama’s positions and working policies are so far off-center with Democratic Party principles as your rather severe critique suggests?

    Could it instead be your own opinions and positions that are at odds with our Democratic Party mainstream?

    I only feel it necessary to respond to your anti-Obama rant because it is so representative of the Party’s left wing fringe that provides ammunition for the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity, while allowing the Republicans to enjoy majority status for years in the U.S. House and Senate, as well as electing people like George W. Bush to the White House for two very long terms.

    Enough already!

    Matt Thomas

  2. Allow one to quote your defense of McKinney…

    She “doesn’t pander to special interest groups and doesn’t lie to voters (as) Obama did. I knew exactly where she stood and I still don’t know where Obama stands.”

    You know exactly where McKinney stood?

    Now in the event you truly believe in those things she stood for, your view of liberal Democratic politics is at risk of becoming seriously twisted.

    Have you even read my response to your previous posting?

    Would you care to challenge those examples I gave of McKinney’s bizarre public conduct and statements?

    This is not an attempt to start a pissing contest but only a benign effort to steer someone away from the left fringe of Democratic politics which will lead him and his otherwise first-class blog nowhere.

    President Obama is pillaged from the far right as being a close relative of he Anti-Christ and from the far left (to use your word) as an instrument of betrayal.

    Neither of these silly and sophomoric indictments are in any sense rational.

    I have a brother-in law (a Rush Limbaugh ditto-head) who is an embarrassment to the rest of the family.

    Nevertheless, he is still part of our family and we shall never give up on him.

    In political terms our Democratic Party is, also in a sense, “family” and therefore we shall nerver give up on on our own near isolated lefties who are wandering around somewhere very distant on the outer limits.

    Matt Thomas


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