Got news for ya Senator Eichelberger…

…I am straight and you give heterosexuals a bad name, let alone the rest of Pennsylvania and while we’re at it, just for the sake of argument, the human race.  

Also, I wish to disclose I am NOT a member of Keystone Progress, never have been, not really interested.  So, let me set that out from the get go.

Your contention though that Keystone Progress somehow

“intentionally misportray(ed) the truth”, is sadly ludicrous.  

I don’t know of too many people, who when asked for their take on your words, in regards to the idea that you and or the state government allows gay people to exist, could be interpreted for little more than what it was and what you said.  Other than perhaps something as childishly plain a statement or declaration as “See Spot run”, I’d be hard pressed to find your statement much more complex  than that to understand or comprehend in its context, sir.  

I don’t know if you realized it yet or not, or care to or not, but you didn’t just swallow your foot or shoe.  You swallowed the entire shoe store and perhaps a large part of the shoe factory with that little zinger alone.  Let us not forget the rest of your diatribe from that interview, let alone your penchant for seeking to further marginalize and subjugate citizens of this state, who happen to be no different than you or I, but for their particular gender identity.  In every other way, homosexuals in our state, or for that matter our country, or heck even the world, are affected by and capable of being just as fully engaged and productive a citizen as anybody else.  So, where then, sir do you come up with temerity to suggest that simply because they bothered to declare themselves openly homosexual that this somehow suddenly, dare I say magically, alters them into 2nd class citizens?!  I would dearly and sincerely love for you to share that serene wisdom and nugget of indomitable truth of fact that you have found, which would totally refute, undermine, and contravene the mountains of evidence and facts to the contrary of your position.  

If you are so happy and unapologetic about what you say and so convicted to believe and put to practice your views on this subject, then do share with all of us your saged insights, so that we may perhaps come to understand our faults and errors in this most complex situation.  

For my own insight, I might say that you have fallen into the trap of being a legislator who really believes that he can pretty much legislate whatever he wants, if it suits him or doesn’t.  You have fallen far enough into the stupor of power that you really believe that your constituents or the people of this state are so loathe to change their ways or elected officials that you have become the political teflon don of Harrisburg…in case you want to keep having this delusion, please see Veon, Mike, LaGrotta, Frank, and others, who at one time pretty much felt the same way.  Yes, this state is very staid, very slow to change, still filled with a lot of hateful people, who keep getting stuck, generation after generation in the same, tired, ugly, old, and empty traps of bigotry, bias, or prejudice.  So, in a way it doesn’t sadly surprise me to find that one of its higher elected representatives (you) has come forth to somehow attempt, in the awkwardness of trying to bring the past onto the future, where clearly no good fit could be had, the cause of prejudice against those who cause discomfort to minds and personalities too stuck in the past and in so doing, your policy would end up hurting this state more than you realize.  

I’d have pity on you for your words, views, and approach to this situation, but clearly you see no reason to atone for your statements.  So, I shall simply say that from one heterosexual to another, you need to remember the principles upon which this country and state were founded and realize that the founding fathers didn’t give a damn about a person’s convictions or identity, so long as it did not run afoul of allowing others to live as they wished.  We as heterosexuals would be opening the door for the curbing of our own liberty and the shaming of our founders, if we pass laws stating that it is ok to limit the lives of whole class of people, when clearly their lives are not interfering with the ability of others to do the same.  If you don’t believe that, then answer this question please…

…what have homosexuals done thus far, to you or others that you are aware of, which have prevented people who were not homosexual from living their lives according to the dictates of their own conscience, within the social contract of our state or nation?  

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