Specter’s switch speaks volumes about the GOP

I for one am not going to be ribald or upset with snarlin’ Arlen’s decision to finally wake up and smell the java.  

I think a lot of earnest people in the GOP who were or are moderates have awakened to the fact that the GOP as it is right now, has become a defacto organization for the substantiation and protection of those who have helped to cause a lot of the economic pain, strife, and discord in this country.  Furthermore, they have come to symbolize a even greater, detached sense of polarity than they were while old GWB was in office, if that was possible.  They are desperate, filled with and ruled by and directed by some of the biggest whiny malcontents and puff-chested blowhards you’ll perhaps ever meet.  They won’t wake up and realize the truth, they have no desire for the truth that is anything resembling the truth and quite frankly are scared crapless about the truth to the point of now hawking on about how Obama is leading “witch hunts” about the terror and torture issues.  

If you boneheads at the GOP hadn’t mad such a royal stink about Clinton, over what was arguably small potatoes, when it came to corrupted behavior, then maybe I’d feel some sense of recoil about the investigation Obama is launching into what was far more of an ugly scene and far more hidden from public view and we are learning with good reason why.  

I know Specter is no angel and I can understand why so many are up in arms about the switch and what it means for the upcoming elections, but realistically, the Democrats have little to blame but themselves for putting the leaders they have into positions to make the moves they have and to give them nearly unbridled power and authority and tacit or implied agreement by the lack of actual words or actions to the contrary.  

This is also why I resound my earlier points of why it is bad to have political parties and a party system of electing officials with closed primaries or for that matter primaries at all, and my deeper point about the label or brand being determined by those who are actually embracing it, espousing it, and how they carry themselves while under a banner or label.  

If you’re still unclear on this one, see my rant about the detachment of the GOP from reality.  In that case, we have a bunch of vocal people with really questionable views and methods of approach driving the brand or label into the sewers of society but they think they’re doing a wonderful job and that we should all want to go down the pipe with them, because it will make them feel and look better.  

No, I am not upset at the Arlen move.  I hope that Al Franken does get seated soon and that Olympia Snowe does also wake up to the fact that she’s on a hi-jacked party plane headed for disaster and it is time to jump or crash with the rest of them.  

What can you expect when your pilot is Rush Limbaugh, your co-pilot is Michael Steele, your flight engineer is Bobby Jindal and your head flight attendant is Sarah Palin.  

They are on the flight to nowhere.  Arlen, thanks for waking up before it was too late to get off the plane/bus.  

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