Democrats Pardoning Specter For Horrific Votes

Arlen Specter’s switch to the Democratic Party is already blinding many Dems to his horrific George W. Bush voting record.  Scores of people who protested the war in Iraq, torture, Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, the shredding of the Bill of Rights and the other innumerable crimes and offenses of the Bush Administration are already lining up to pardon Snarlin’ Arlen and re-elect him to the Senate.

Gov. Ed Rendell and President Barack Obama are leading the charge much to their shame.  How could you campaign against everything President Bush did then embrace one of his chief enablers?  Sen. Specter was actually quite a reliable vote for W.  Everything from military tribunals, the denial of due process rights, destroying the separation of powers, in all of this Sen. Specter was there with his strong support for Bush.  He was a pivotal figure in the politicization of the Department of Justice and inserted the provision enabling AG Gonzales to fire prosecutors.

But now Democrats are suddenly blinded to this by one simple act:  Arlen Specter changed his Party affiliation.  Wow, it doesn’t take much to brainwash Democrats does it?  Talk is that Gov. Rendell has, once again, promised to clear the primary field of challengers as he did in 2006.  Isn’t it time for Ed Rendell to simply go away and allow the people of Pennsylvania to select their Senators?

Joe Torsella’s days as a candidate are numbered and numbered in single digits.  His campaign was supported with Rendell money and that will now evaporate.  Ed Rendell has been dictating for too long now and today is the day Pennsylvania Democrats finally need to restore democracy to their Party.  Reject Rendell, Specter, torture, wars of choice and the underming of our rights and reject this imposition upon your choices.  I will vote Green again if Arlen Specter is the only Democrat allowed to run.  Do NOT take away our rights as citizens tor un for office or vote for whom WE choose.  Gov. Rendell has no right to choose who can run and who cannot.

2 thoughts on “Democrats Pardoning Specter For Horrific Votes”

  1. John–I agree with you 100%.   I am sick of Rendell and the party machine dictating who our candidates will be & clearing the field for the ones they choose.  They tried to do this in PA with the presidential primary and failed because the grassroots support for Obama was so strong both nationally and locally, and, of course, because they had no leverage over this national candidate.  But are they now putting all kinds of pressure on our talented young Democrats such as State Rep. Josh Shapiro and Congressman Patrick Murphy, to keep them from challenging Specter?  I want to see one–or both–of these worthy progressive Democrats in a primary, and ultimately in the Senate.  

    Specter should just retire, and Rendell should butt out.  

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