100 Days

Today marks the first 100 days of the Obama Administration.  I give him a “B” grade.  The President is off to a good start though there have been a few fumbles.  On the plus side he has already fulfilled some major promises.  The stimulus bill isn’t sufficient for the job however and had too many tax cuts.  He has broken promises on Don’t Ask, don’t tell and lobbysists.  Of course I criticized him extensively during the campaign for that because I knew it was a pipe dream.

His greatest failures have been on health care and his economic team.  His decisions there are continuations of Republican themes.  Larry Summers and Tim Geithner were horrible choices and we’re seeing the continued failure of putting such economists in charge.  Obama’s health care policy is another corporate sellout to the insurance industry and will do little in the realm of real, long lasting reform.  It is a band aid for a cancer.

Where the president is doing quite well is foreign policy, energy and education.  He has transofrmed America’s image and reversed the policy of shoot first ask questions later.  The return of diplomacy is refreshing.

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