Vito Back On the Job

Acting Labor Secretary Sandi Vito has returned to work following two embarrassing incidents.  First she was arrested for being drunk outside the Harrisburg Hilton.  Then CNN aired a piece where she agreed to speak with them about how the Commonwealth is ripping off unemployed people then ducking their news crew.  That gave the state a black eye following various news accounts about the privatization of unemployment benefits.  Banks are getting rich charging out of work Pennsylvanians to access their benefits.

Sandi Vito only seems to be available when she’s drunk and trying to stumble her way to a taxi.

4 thoughts on “Vito Back On the Job”

  1. All right Sandy… lets celebrate.  We’ll go to the Harrisburg Hilton for drinks after work.  All kidding aside, i think Sandy should be confirmed and has done a good job.

  2. Vito done a good job…

    …hello, have you seen the creation of jobs in this state under her leadership?  I haven’t.  

    About the only industry that she seemed to be lending a helping hand to are the bartenders and hospitality workers of Pennsylvania, and perhaps in small part the criminal justice system and public transit workers, depending on how long she will be without a license or in need of future taxis.  

    Pardon me, but where did all the tax-free economic development hoopla get to these days.  Where are those famous multifarious zone programs and their legendary ability to attract all kinds of commerce to the state to save our bacon from further searing?  

    If one of the best things that PA Labor has done to tout was the privatization of unemployment benefits, then I think we should all be pretty ticked and expecting a lot better from Ms. Vito and the PA Department of Labor and Industry in the future.  

  3. LOL!  Jamoca’s comments are a buzz killer for Sandys chances.  I would hope to see some of the issues addresses that Jamoca mentions, preferably at the appointment confirmations.  However, on Jamoca’s behalf, Sandy… waive your magic wand and single-handedly make the economy better for Jamoca, since apparaently you can do so.

    I wish it were that simple, but my guess is that any Secretary of Labor would be under fire with the job loss statistics in this economy.  The statistics… say would drive anyone to drinking… even you Jamoca.

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