Single Payer Advocates Meeting in Pittsburgh This Weekend

Healthcare 4 All PA is conducting a seminar this weekend in Pittsburgh.  I’ve been committed to other events for this weekend for some time so I won’t be joining my friends.  If you are in Western Pennsylvania and want to support REAL, comprehensive healthcare reform which can help save the economy, lower taxes and save lives please attend this event.

Everybody In – Nobody Out: Conference on Single-payer Healthcare

PITTSBURGH, PA – March 26 – “Everybody in – nobody out,” so says Pennsylvania United for Single-payer Healthcare or PUSH.  

With its co-sponsors, Healthcare for All Pennsylvania, and Western Pennsylvania Coalition for Single-payer Healthcare, PUSH is hosting a free, one-day learning conference on Saturday March 28 from 9 am to 4:30 pm in Doherty Hall at Carnegie Mellon University.

PUSH works educate the community about the cost savings, jobs creation, and healthcare benefits of the Single Payer

Solution.  Seminars at the conference will cover how single payer healthcare coverage for everyone will help individuals, families, small and large businesses and municipalities.

The Pennsylvania state legislature is currently considering single-payer healthcare reform. The “Family & Business Healthcare Security Act of 2009” (SB400/HB1660) is sponsored by conference presenter and State Senator Jim Ferlo.

The conference keynote speaker is nationally known universal single-payer healthcare advocate, Donna Smith, representing the

California Nursing Association and Progressive Democrats of America.  Smith was featured in the Michael Moore film about the

perils of America’s current healthcare system, Sicko.

Local Pittsburgh advocate, Celeste Taylor, will also give a keynote talk.  Taylor is an activist with the Black Political Empowerment

Project (B-PEP) and Black & White Reunion, an anti-racism organization. She will teach a seminar on the positive impact of single payer healthcare on individuals and minorities.

The conference location is wheelchair-accessible and a free brown bag lunch will be provided if you pre-register.  Pre-registration is suggested but not required.

One thought on “Single Payer Advocates Meeting in Pittsburgh This Weekend”

  1. The opponents of efforts to insure adequate heathcare for all residents within our Commonwealth continue to be oblivious to the fact that they are putting their own families at serious risk.

    These self-centered and asinine fools may be rich enough or lucky enough to have the best possible healthcare plan available (as does my family at great personal expense).

    Nevertheless, should we or they have a spouse or one of our children with an absolute need to seek medical attention in the middle of the night or in the early morning hours or on any weekend day, the physician’s answering service will refer us not to the family doctor but to the nearest hospital emergency room.

    Arriving there, one will find an ER crowded by injured people in need of medical aid, among them traffic accident victims, as well as those who are sick; a chronically ill elderly person…a young women with a difficult pregnancy, asthmatic children of 4 and 5 years who simply cannot breathe and tiny and fragile infants in dire need of professional healthcare.

    Absent the traffic accident victims, the others are here only because these over-worked and over-stressed ER physicians are the only doctors they know.

    These same selfless caregivers are truly Pennsylvania’s (and America’s) midnight heros: Resident doctors and interns and nurses and aides who somehow carry on through the long nights and on through long weekend shifts with little or no sleep.

    These are the same men and women who are holding things fast for the rest of us…laying down the sandbags and plugging the dikes of America’s crumbling healthcare system while the mean-spirited and selfish “I got mine” crowd continues to turn its back on forty two million Americans.

    Maybe we’ll see you in the ER when your own midnight comes.

    Matt Thomas


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