Joe the Plumber Campaigns with Toomey in Harrisburg

Joe the Plumber’s rally last night in Pittsburgh at the Radisson was upstaged by a significantly larger gathering of Employee Free Choice Act supporters including Union members and Keystone Progress.  During the rally America’s favorite fake plumber, Joe associated the Employee Free Choice Act to being “un-American”.  Tell us something Joe, is it un-American for businesses to harass, undermine, and control workers while they decide if they want a Union?  Is it un-American for big businesses to stiff working families with inferior wages and benefits while deferring this burden to the taxpayers?…

No…. Joe refused to answer any of these questions.  Oddly enough, there was quite a large contingent in the audience with Pat Toomey campaign buttons on.  Apparently, Joe the Plumbers sideshow tour will turn into a full blown circus today because while Joe the Plumber continues to rail against progress for working families… he will be joined by none other than Pat (“big business”) Toomey as they campaign in Harrisburg, PA.  

Senator Specter must realize that he needs to snap out of this funk because in disguise it is a political ambush waiting to happen. Instead of maneuvering around it, he appears to be going right into the neo-cons trap. Toomey on the campaign trail today with Joe the Plumber symbolizes how far to the right the Republican party has gone…. and they’re anxious to get rid of Arlen Specter because he threatens their extremist mentality.  Toomey and his cult of followers will quickly fill the hate vaccuum void left when Rick Santorum got defeated by Bob Casey in 2006.  Im predicting, by choosing to “take a stand” against progress for workers… Pat Toomey will quickly fill that void.  

3 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber Campaigns with Toomey in Harrisburg”

  1. Morgan, you should be in Harrisburg today spying on Toomey, Joe the Plumber, and his anti-worker flock.  We likely would have had to get you a disguise, because they definitely wouldn’t let you have access or an interview.

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