Xbox Live: Boycott the bigotry

Hey John, I’ve got a hot nugget for you and the rest of the gay/lesbian community to chomp on.

I got this tip from a friend of a livejournal friend, who posted the article link and their own condemnation of XBox Live and in part Microsoft for its policy of allowing the banning of screen names of XBox Live gamers, who identify as “Gay” or “Lesbian” in the name of a gamer.  

I dont’ play XBox Live, but quite honestly, given the gory nature of some of the games that one can play on XBox Live, I’d say they’ve got more to worry about in the way of things to ban than to get all huffy and discriminatory on the lesbian and gay community for wanting to play their products and pay to do so.

Apparently, to XBox Live, gay and lesbian customers are welcome as long as they do not let the rest of the XBox Live world know what their identity is or expressed lifestyle is.  

I say it is time to stage a full on boycott of XBox Live and call department stores and retailers who sell XBox game sets and ask them to remove the product because the company discriminates against people.  I wonder if the full name of the XBox, should be X(ian)Box Evil (live spelled backwards), for this behavior of theirs certainly seems to fall in line with more typified and documented behavior of factions of that line of morality.  

Here is the link to check the story yourselves:

XBox Live discriminates against gay and lesbian people or those who use or identify as gay or lesbian in the gamer screen name

Is this yet another dying vestige of the bane of those who feel they must fight for the cause of righteousness that is just a thinly veiled excuse for acceptable hate and loathing of the larger truth of life.  

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