Rendell, Onorato Implicated in PAC Fraud

Pennsylvanians For Better Leadership PAC has been fined $30,000 for campaign finance violations.  Gov. Ed Rendell is the principal figure behind the political action committee though Dan Onorato also gave it $30,000 which was not reported as required by law.  The PAC has missed filing deadlines and failed to report contributions and expenditures properly.

The only surprise here is that a Pennsylvania campaign finance report has actually been scrutinized and fines levied.  State campaign finance law is so loose and regulations of campaign finance so poorly enforced that violations are committed routinely with no repercussions.  Pedro Cortes has been as asleep at the switch as the SEC.

These accusations come on the heels of an Inquirer revelation that Rendell has given sweetheart contracts from DRPA to his old law firm.  Any guesses where Fast Eddie will work following his term?  Funny how much funny business goes on.

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