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I have been contacted by Accountability Now, a new PAC formed by progressive bloggers, to search for suitable candidates in Pennsylvania.  The purpose of Accountability Now is to recruit and fund progressive, liberal Democrats in Congressional Districts currently held by conservative Blue Dog Democrats.  Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake and Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of DailyKos are spearheading the effort.

The election of Bob Casey in 2006 has led, especially here, to a flood of conservative Democrats running for office.  This was a fear back then that his victory over Rick Santorum would lead to a perception that only conservative Democrats could win statewide in Pennsylvania.  As it was Sen. Santorum never got above 41% in polls or votes and any credible, viable candidate would have beaten him.

As Democrats have gained Congressional seats in Pennsylvania all have been conservative Democrats.  Patrick Murphy, Joe Sestak, Chris Carney, Jason Altmire and Kathy Dahlkemper represent this trend.  Accountability Now is searching for liberal, progressive Democrats to run in primaries against Blue Dog Democrats or against Republicans.  (My opinions, not those of Accountability Now)

If you fit this description and are contemplating running please contact me so I can forward your information to Ms. Hamsher.  Rest assured I will not blog about your potential candidacy, as always, until you want to me to do so (I’m frequently asked to keep candidacies confidential until campaigns are prepared for public announcements).

4 thoughts on “Accountability Now”

  1. This is great. Now our side is going to mimic the Club for Growth because some of our Reps are not “pure enough.” I can’t speak to the other districts but if Marcos and Jane think they can get someone to the left of Carney elected in the 10th CD they don’t know the district. I know that some of his votes in his 1st term were infuriating to me and my Democratic brethren but he has been a solid D on economic issues. A bruising primary would just make it more likely that the seat would be returned to the Republicans and we would lose a vote for S-Chip, universal heath care, the President’s economic stimulus, etc..

  2. This is a recipe for a Republican takeover! If we want to have our Congresspeople vote more progressive then we need to flood their offices with phone calls and e mails. These moderate (I don’t consider them conservative) Dems are still going to vote as a Dem the large majority of time. That’s a heck of a lot better than having even a moderate Repub. in office. As Gort stated these people do not know the composition of some of these districts or even states. If we run a Governor that is to far to the left we will lose that too! Tim Holden was not the only Dem that voted for the patriot act. Also from what I have seen Bob Casey has voted very progressive since he’s been in office. I would bet that there are one or two issues where each of us would vote conservatively. You have to really look at the complete package.  

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