Where’s The Bet?

I was disappointed we didn’t have an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl.  I had an entire satirical article planned wherein Gov. Rendell would make a wager with himself and they’d move the game to Beaver Stadium.  Maybe the Guv should just go ahead and make a bet with himself because the new Governor of Arizona has yet to agree to terms.  The game will feature the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals for those non sports fans among our blog community (Kirk).

In the absence of a bet I will offer this proposal:  if the Steelers win Arizona has to give Larry Fitzgerald to the Eagles.  He did go to school at Pitt so its time for Philadelphia to enjoy the gifted wide receiver.  Arizona gets another shot at the Phillies if the Cardinals win.  Aside from the serious side of the bet we should involve food, the traditional bet.  Rendell, of course, can bet some Iron City beer (that’ll teach them to win) and cheese steaks, pretzels, and faschnacts.  Arizona can send…what, exactly, do they eat in Arizona?  Sand?  OK, a bucket full of sand sprinkled with hot sauce.

Maybe Arizona should just pound sand.

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