The trap of self-delusion

Has claimed the political life and potentially the freedom of another elected leader, in the way of Rod Blagojevich; now former governor of Illinois.  

The sad truth and deeper realization that needs to be taken from this latest public occurrence and incident of corrupt behavior and abuse of power, is that the type of self-delusional, egomaniacal detachment from anything resembling factual reality and crafted out of and managed on nearly pure spin and cooperation of others with budding similar aims, is very much behind a good bit of why our economy and the “market” that makes it up are out of control and have little hope of finding their sanity or balance again anytime soon.   We are seeing another instance of Blago-like behavior in the repealing of reforms by the Democrats in Harrisburg in our own state, and by the paying of unthinkable bonuses to people at failing financial firms from the very coffers of bailout money or other revenue that these companies have cried wolf over and beg for more with no thought of remorse, reform, or reticence.  

I am painfully angry as I am sure many people in America are, but I know that it will take more than anger or stern language to bring about the changes that must come.  As long as the current mode continues to hold sway in the daily dealings of our economy, in its current stupor, we will eventually reach the same point that could occur sooner and better and not have us end up all but at the bottom looking up and wondering what the hell happened and how it could have gotten that bad, when that day comes and I’m afraid it will.  So, for now the best I think anyone can do is brace themselves and let the crazy, obstinate, greedy fools in their self-delusional trance run out their pathetic scheme and then when the moment is right, reclaim balance and sanity from their grips.  I just hope we are smart enough and willing enough at that point to take the steps needed to help prevent such types of mentality from wrecking that kind of havoc again on such a wide and destructive scale.  

The uglier truth though, is that while the practices, consequences, and behaviors of those who are at the forefront of the evolving collapse bring a natural reaction of disgust and disbelief to many, they have a role to play in the larger scheme of things and have fallen prey to losing sight of the larger perspective.  I don’t mean their perspective of long term financial health or prosperity, but rather the larger perspective of their place in the larger machine of life and society itself.   So, it is not that we should have no desire for prosperity or profit or growth or wealth, but that at some point, such wealth reaches its terminus and must find ways to be productive in the larger realm of life or cease to be wealth and become excess.  

In some ways I blame the current problems and our general condition on the general decline of meaning and purpose in the lives of people beyond material aims or attainment of wealth in the most fiscal sense.  The religious conservatives who have railed on for years about the decline of the “moral fabric” of America got it at best half right, but at the same time have bedded down many times or regularly with a goodly number of the same people who were helping to degrade the “fabric” or “fiber”.  Their admonishments of immorality or amorality failed to understand that they picked the wrong things to rail against and embraced the very devils and demons that were lining their pockets and filing their collection plates for all these years.  The irony at this point is beyond biting to me.  

When Obama said it is time for new thinking or rethinking, I cannot agree more, but I know too well that for it to be accepted or even brought to mind that there must be some motivation or some willful sense of purpose that can help lead to change and acceptance of such new ways of thinking or rethinking in practical application.  

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