The Roland Burris Issue-updated Get Out Roland Burris

It would be easy enough to simply say that because Blagojevich likely engaged in illegal, inappropriate conduct and activities in initially seeking to fill the vacant Senate seat that therefore anybody whom he would eventually seek to appoint would be fruit of the poisoned tree and invalid regardless of that individual’s own background and credibility.  

Unfortunately this way of thinking lends credence to the notion that once tarnished always tarnished and that smacks of how a lot of our society regards people who are convicted felons or offenders, even if they’ve paid their debt and sentence.  

It takes a lot more character, understanding, and maturity to realize that absent some legal earthquakes, an appointment or replacement needs be made, because the people of Illinois and America have every right to proper and full representation per our larger legal foundation of the Constitution.  Prosecute Governor Blagojevich to the fullest extent, sure, no disagreement there at all, but this is where the pound of flesh must stop and other considerations and laws set a boundary that no amount of political party wrankling, media spin, or obstinate defiance by other public officials, should be allowed to surmount.  

I’m sorry but who the hell do the Senate Democrats, the state legislature of Illinois, and other state and federal figures think they are, that because they have anger rightfully aimed at Blagojevich that it somehow is ok to bring that to anyone whom Blagojevich might appoint.  I know the Congress and current President have gotten used to wiping their backsides with the U.S. Constitution over the last 8 years, but it still has clear instructions of how things are to be handled.  Show the people of Illinois, the people and America, those whom you allegedly are supposed to be working for, that you are not above the law, simply because someone pissed you off and did something wrong, but you feel right in taking it out on the appointed person, or the people of Illinois and America.  If it can be verified that Burris had nothing to do with the activities that were part of the Blagojevich improprieties, then you all need to lay the hell off and get back to worrying about things that are a lot more troubling and in need of your precious shallow attention span than this circus.  I’m sorry but the political parties are not the kings and this is a perfect example of showing political party arrogance that sours the average person from believing that people matter more than party.  Here’s a chance to show us that the people do matter more.

Well, well, it seems that after some verification of the situation, Mr. Burris left out one big hole of testimony when he should have provided it.  Had he noted his calls and the substance of them when asked by the impeachment committee and all had been cleared up prior to his seating in the Senate, then I would think these latest accusations and calls for him to step down to be some shameless political grandstanding and much ado about little.  

However, Mr. Burris, you had the opportunity to tell it all when asked to do so and like so many other politicians and public officials, of many parties and ideologies before you, when the time came to come clean, you only washed your hands and not your whole self clean of it.  

This, sir, will not do and I am surprised that you did not think that such information would not come to light in due time.  Why is it that so many political hacks and even seasoned veterans of the public forum and political arenas think they can be forever insulated or withheld from being “found out” or having to answer for anything about whatever they’ve done and should not have.    Granted, a good many of us citizens are quite bluntly dumb sheep and willing to give either benefit of the doubt or buy a good line if we hear it.  However, sooner or later, the truth will come out.  

Mr. Burris, you had a chance to do the honorable and proper thing and it appears you did not.  Now, I call on you to do the only honorable thing and avoid even more scandal following scandal and remove your tarnished figure from the table and allow the good citizens of Illinois a chance at representation that will not be so tainted or unwilling to be forthright and honorable with such a place and role in the structure of governance.  

I stood up for you and gave you benefit of the doubt, but I now believe that doubt was misplaced.  You made the error of wanting the seat more than wanting to represent what that seat is; shame on you, resign.

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