Saltsman Is the GOP

I’m sick and tired of the talking heads on TV saying Chip Saltsman isn’t representative of Republicans.  The former Huckabee (let’s remember this when Huck runs again) campaign manager is running for Chair of the Republican National Committee and sent an overtly racist cd to RNC members over the holiday.  The music included the Rush Limbaugh “Barack the Magic Negro” outrage and another song titled the “Star Spanglish Banner.”

I interviewed many Republicans at McCain-Palin events this fall and can say, without doubt or hesitation, that this racism IS representative of the GOP.  The Republican “big tent” these days is nothing more than an oversized Ku Klux Klan hat.  I found no one at these events who wasn’t a racist.  Many were proud of that characterization.  To discover that Saltsman, a candidate for their highest Party office sent such a racist item out to his voters did not come as a shock or surprise.

When I outed Adam LaDuca (Pennsylvania College Republicans) as a racist not one Republican official even made a public comment.  When Rush Limbaugh first aired “Barack the Magic Negro” no Republicans condemned the act.  When Mike Morrill and I taped racist Republicans at McCain-Palin events no Republicans responded here condemning their actions.  The pattern is that Republicans tolerate this shit.  Don’t go on CNN and try and tell me this isn’t representative of the GOP when it is.

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