Obama Releases Blago Report

While it doesn’t exonerate Barack Obama or his staff (only the federal prosecutor can do that) the report issued by the Obama office about contacts between his staff and Governor Blagojevich about his successor reveal nothing wrong.  Other than what seem like routine telephone calls which were quite limited.  In fact it seems as if the Obama staff, focused on the transition, took little interest in the efforts to replace him in the Senate.

The right wing conspiracy theorists hoping for Fitzmas must be quite disappointed.  The arrest documents released by Patrick Fitzgerald’s office when Blago was nabbed seemed quite clear that nothing wrong had taken place based on the corrupt Governor’s reaction.  I’m not quite sure why this escapade had them so excited that they could destroy an Obama Administration before it even took office.  Such is the desire of the right wing to destroy this country.  It’s sad and pathetic.

2 thoughts on “Obama Releases Blago Report”

  1. As you stated, Fitzgerald made it quite clear right from the start that there was nothing improper done by Obama or anyone on his staff. So why has this dragged on?

    Well, we know that we can always count on the wingnuts to rant and rave (and make things up), just as we can rely on Faux News (and other murdoch enterprises) to hype it. So, I can only conclude that other news outlets don’t have the ‘talent’ to dig into real stories….like what Wall St. and the banks did with our money.

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