Israel’s Overreaction

I understand my Jewish friends are going to be upset with this opinion but, at some point, the thought of Jews committing wholesale slaughter of other human beings must repulse them.  Responding to rocket attacks with 300 F-16 bombing missions is not reciprocal, proportionate, defensive or justifiable.  This is wholesale slaughter of civilians.  It cannot be tolerated.

Israel has been conducting a brutal siege of Gaza for three years.  People are starving, barely surviving and the rocket attacks on illegal Israeli settlements are their only means of responding.  Israelis have been building these settlements on occupied territory so it will be more difficult politically to trade land for peace.  They have built a huge wall and every Palestinian is treated as a terrorist.  This has bred distrust and caused much hatred in a region where it’s already too easy to radicalize new terrorists.

Hamas is not without blame.  It is the elected government of Gaza however thanks to the misguided policies of others.  When no other country or NGO would provide basic services for the Palestinians Hamas stepped forward.  They won the support of the people this way and, like it or not, is the democratically elected sovereign government in Gaza.  Israel is not attacking just a terrorist group but the government of Gaza, therefore its people.

The invasion of Lebanon was also totally non proportionate after relatively (gauged against the Israeli reaction) minor intrusions.  This is very bad precedent and allows India, for example, to use nuclear weapons to retaliate against Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks.  No one could argue against such an atrocity based on the Israeli example of nonproportionality.  The levels of this violence in response to rocket attacks is insane, destabilizing and borders on genocide when taken in context of the siege also being conducted.

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