Burris Hubris

Gov. Rod Blagojevich nominated Roland Burris yesterday to replace Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate.  An exercise in extreme hubris this move signaled an arrogance unchallenged outside the White House in recent years.  No one nominated by Blago has any credibility and cannot serve.  The automatic assumption is the seat was bought and paid for and therefore only a fool would agree to such a nomination.  The Senate already has enough fools and doesn’t need one more.

Why Roland Burris would ever agree to be humiliated this way is the obvious question.  The Governor tried challenging anyone who contests his appointment by claiming the people of Illinois would be deprived of their voice and full voting representation in the Senate should Burris be rejected.  The Illinois Secretary of State is already refusing to certify the appointment.  

Blagojevich is correct that the people of Illinois are being denied full representation in the Senate due to this scandal.  What he doesn’t realize is that this is wholly, completely his fault and his responsibility.  If he’d kept such high minded principles in mind instead of trying to auction the seat to the highest bidder his concerns might be credible.  As such it seems they only serve as reasons to impeach him as Governor.

5 thoughts on “Burris Hubris”

  1. flies square up your backside and against the grain of what most “reasonable” people in this situation would simply follow as knee-jerk no brainer thing to do.

    The deeper truth is that, absent a present judgment, or order, or some other legal preclusion to the contrary, the U.S. Constitution is quite clear and thorough about how seats are to be filled in the U.S. Senate.  If Blagojevich was already suspended from doing his governing duties or otherwise under court order to cease and desist from appointing a replacement for Obama, then I’d agree with you 100% and all the knee-jerkers on this one would be totally right.  

    It may well be that the Secretary of the State of Illinois has the ability to challenge such an appointment and may well have the grounds to bring an action to that effect and if so, fine I welcome it as a proper exercise of authority.  

    However, the bottom line that needs to be kept in focus is the ability to have someone fill Obama’s spot ASAP and that the people of Illinois do deserve full representation and while it is “Blago’s” fault that things have taken a bad turn in this situation, why should the people of Illinois continue to suffer because of it?  

    Is this the hallmark of the present progressive mindset, because if so, I’m not impressed and rather irked at the apparent lack of full perspective.

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