Those Holiday Conversations

Every holiday brings that dreaded horror:  political discussions with relatives who aren’t living in a reality based community.  You know who I mean, those token Republicans who still listen to Rush and Bill O.  Misinformed, regurgitating the Faux News talking points they still cling to the fantasy that George W. Bush is a good president.

We had a couple encounters with our remaining sibling who remains a member of the GOP.  She actually told me the economy is fine, it’s the media “that fourth leg of government” which is telling everyone there are problems.  According to her things were fine until we all began reporting otherwise.

Tell that to Kirk whose real estate company is suffering, to the families who were victimized by crooked mortgage lenders, brokers, appraisers and others capitalizing on the fact home buyers couldn’t get and read their mortgage documents before closings.  Tell that to those investors victimized by greedy Wall Street firms who chopped up these risky mortgages, packaged them into toxic securities and sold and traded them.

This economic meltdown began with a massive foreclosure crisis because irresponsible lenders were willing to finance anyone with a pulse, by greedy homeowners trying to get rich quick in a rising market, crooked developers, and sordid other culprits.

But, actually, it was all precipitated by us in the media who had the gall to report these events and facts.  What is the “fourth leg of government” anyway?  Fox News?  Rush Limberger?  Bill O’Reilly?  The Wall Street Journal?  Yes, I can see the obvious “liberal” bias of the news.  Yes, this is simply our fault for reporting the news.

Talk about getting indigestion.

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