The Mumbai Attacks

The horrid attacks on ten locations in Mumbai, India portend the end results of a failed foreign policy.  Five Americans were among the 183 dead (so far) and the terrorists targeted Americans and Britons while also attacking a Jewish Center and killing hostages.

Muslims see our invasion of Iraq as a proxy war for Israel (as do many Americans).  The defining of the Iraq War as one of Christianity versus Islam, as many stupid Americans do and did all through the campaign season is radicalizing many Muslims.  This was very evident to those of us covering the McCain-Palin rallies:  an attitude fomented by right wing media that all Muslims are evil, this is a religious war against Islam, and that we have to kill them all to be safe.

The Islamic press plays these video clips and publishes these diatribes endlessly and it is creating a very dangerous environment.  Attacks like Mumbai where Americans are targeted are the fruit of such mindless, stupid policy.  

Blame is being directed at Pakistan but let us recall we first thought Oklahoma City was done by foreign terrorists.  Proof must be established before more reckless behavior creates more hatred and animosity.  India and Pakistan have long festering issues going back many years.  That doesn’t mean the attacks in India came from Pakistan however. Responding recklessly in the heat of the moment isn’t good policy.

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