Special Senate Election Tuesday

Believe it or not the election isn’t over…yet.  Tuesday there’s a runoff election for the Georgia Senate seat.  Incumbent Saxby Shameless is trying to win his second term after smearing Vietnam war hero Max Cleland as a traitor.  It wouldn’t have been nearly as toxic a charge if Cleland hadn’t left two legs and one and a half arms on the battlefield.

I met Sen. Cleland several times and he’s an amazingly classy guy.  This one is for Max.  Jim Martin is running against Chambliss and because of a third party candidate November 4th neither candidate garnered 50% plus one in the election so a runoff is being conducted Tuesday.  This time Martin may not benefit from the huge Black turnout on November 4th so he needs help.

You can help by getting involved in the phone bank system used by the Obama campaign and now converted for this election.  This means you can make phone calls to Georgia voters from anywhere to remind them to vote.

About Jim Martin:

I need your help. We’re in a runoff for the 59th (or 60th?) Senate seat. This is a race we can win. Not only that, but Jim Martin is a candidate Democrats across the country could be proud to see as a Senator. He started his career as a legal aid lawyer, fighting for poor, working class and disabled Georgians. He served with distinction in the Georgia House of Representatives, where he rose to become Chair of the Judiciary Committee. He left the state house so that he could serve as the Director of the Department of Human Resources and worked tirelessly to protect the most at risk children in Georgia.

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