World Champion Phillies

A year ago I was stuck in traffic on the Massachusetts Turnpike amidst Red Sox fans flocking into Boston for their World Series parade.  How nice is it that that parade is in Philadelphia this year?  I understand I am one of the naysayers who didn’t think the Phillies had the pitching to win this year.  Looking at the Cubs staff I didn’t think our Phils could beat them.  Fortunately the Dodgers did for us.

I was tempted a few times to retract my statement but was also superstitiously worried that it might jinx them.  I even considered insulting their staff again if that would help.  It’s amazing what baseball fans think may help their team isn’t it?

Kudos to MVP Cole Hamels, unexpected heroes Carlos Ruiz and Pedro Feliz and the rest of the Phillies.  I won’t be in Philly until this evening for a political event so I won’t be stuck in the traffic this year.  How sweet that the jams will be here instead of Boston.

One thought on “World Champion Phillies”

  1. I meant to offer my congrats on the Phillies winning it earlier!

    Enjoy…it gives one year of baseball bragging rights!

    have a great day :)

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