Why I Voted For Cynthia McKinney

I voted via absentee ballot last week and I cast my vote for president for an African American…woman.  I told MSNBC’s Tom Curry last spring that I would have to think long and hard before supporting Barack Obama after the hate campaign waged against me by his supporters.  Following numerous weeks of attempting to get Obama For America to remove my copyrighted intellectual property from their website, including one article of mine which was plagiarized, I gave up on Obama.

People vote their financial interests and I am no different.  Barack Obama’s campaign wrecked my blog, stole my intellectual property and never even had the decency to apologize.  Instead I was told I was being “uncooperative.”  Well, yes, I sure was because you folks were stealing my blog material faster than I could track the illegal activity.

Aside from these problems I have had a problem with Obama on issues.  His health insurance plan is atrocious.  His economic plan scares me when one of his key advisers tells me Naomi Klein is a “whackjob.”  Either you are a Keynesian and Klein is a hero for exposing the failures of Chicago School (Freidman) economics or you embrace that Republican philosophy.  Obama’s vast campaign contributions from Wall Street illustrate he is just another corporate Democrat.

I’ve had enough of corporate Democrats, of bad candidates foisted on us by the DLC.  I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils.  While there is much to admire about Sen.Obama I decided to vote my personal financial interests.  Since his campaign did everything possible to damage me financially they cannot expect my vote.  that is why I voted for McKinney, a solid liberal with clear, progressive stances on the issues.  As it turned out, it wasn’t a long, hard process after all.

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