Why I Left The Democratic Party

I changed my voter registration yesterday morning and left The Democratic Party.  I am now an unaffiliated voter.  In Pennsylvania it has become difficult to be a blogger and Party official.  The Pennsylvania Democratic Party regularly undermined my efforts and even suspended me as an elected Committee person because I supported the “wrong” candidate in a primary.

Pennsylvania law empowers political parties as agents of the Commonwealth in primary elections.  As such they are prohibited from violating member’s civil rights.  The Berks County Democratic Committee, based on legal advice from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, suspended me for supporting Democrat Michael Morrill in a 2008 primary race against incumbent Thomas Caltagirone.  There was no Party endorsement because Berks County doe snot endorse in primary elections.

As such Chair Tom Herman violated my civil right to support the Democratic candidate of my choice.  The Pennsylvania Democratic Party, according to Herman’s diatribes, participated in this travesty which has indebted me for some serious legal fees.  

While we protest the absence of accountability of the Bush Administration the Democratic Party not only refused to hold Herman accountable they rewarded him with a visit from Gov. Dean yesterday.  Following the County’s refusal to hold its Chair accountable I walked out and never returned.  Yesterday I watched Gov. Dean recognize the man who completely undermined his local Democracy For America group and violated my civil rights.

I could no longer continue as a member of such a Party.  The fact the DNC organizer prohibited me, as a working blogger, from the press room at that event made my decision much easier.  You simply cannot be a blogger in Pennsylvania and a member of The Democratic Party.  Not only is there no support they fight you every step of the way.

I spend considerable time and money on this blog.  I covered many Democratic candidates this year but not one supported me with advertising.  If the Party refuses to support me why should I continue supporting the Party?  I will not.  I am holding them accountable.  

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