Racist McCain Staffer Cops Plea in Fake Mutilation Case

Ashley Todd, the paid McCain-Palin organizer who falsely claimed to being attacked and mutilated by “a large Black man” because she supported John McCain, has copped a plea which will keep her out of jail and guarantees she gets mental health treatment.

If only we could require that for everyone supporting that ticket!

2 thoughts on “Racist McCain Staffer Cops Plea in Fake Mutilation Case”

  1. i wonder if the duke lacrosse stripper copped a plea after her brou-ha ha…

    this whack job smeared a fictious person…the stripper smeared 3 innocent people.  got them arrested. got them kicked out of school.

    and no plea to keep her out of jail?

    wonder what the factor was in that decision process? and i wonder what the deciding factor was for YOU John not to ever call her a racist…after all, she was accusing 3 white guys…picked them out of a lineup.  she isnt a racist nutball, but this girl who carved her face is?  


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