State Senate Candidate Embarrassed Because He Didn’t Do His Homework

A candidate’s forum last evening on BCTV in Berks County exposed Republican Steve Fuhs as seriously ignorant on the central platform of his campaign.  Fuhs is running against Minority Whip Mike O’Pake.  His central theme is supporting Rep. Sam “The Crazy Fundie” Rohrer’s failed Commonwealth Caucus Plan.

Unfortunately for Fuhs he obviously didn’t read the bill.  Or the legislative summary.  Or even peruse Rohrer’s slide presentation.  All of these are readily available on Rohrer’s website.  

Rohrer’s heavily amended plan now includes a 28% increase in the personal income tax and requires businesses to continue paying school property taxes.  This means business owners not incorporated will pay both.  The .85% increase in the state income tax is never mentioned by Rep. Rohrer but is listed openly on his website.

Steve Fuhs has, obviously, never read the bill.

How do you run for a position like State Senator and base your campaign on a bill you haven’t even taken the time to read and comprehend?  Sen. O’Pake called him on it at last evening’s debate and Fuhs called him a liar.  O’Pake knew the bill and Fuhs didn’t.

Here’s the exchange as reported by Mary Young of The Reading Eagle:

O’Pake said his plan for a graduated personal income tax would put the burden on the people who could afford it – those earning more than $100,000 annually.

The latest version of Rohrer’s proposal includes a 28 percent increase in the income tax, he said.

“That’s not true,” Fuhs, 57, accused.

“Yes, it is,” O’Pake replied.

What does this say about Steve Fuhs’ ability to be a State Senator if he didn’t do his homework on his signature issue?  It says he’s incompetent, unprepared and not qualified.

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