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The judge in Vince Fumo’s trial has been replaced.  Judge Yohn began suffering illness during jury selection and the trial was postponed.  Now a new judge has been appointed to get things moving.

Gov. Rendell has frozen paroling of prisoners pending a review of the process.  A Philadelphia police officer was killed by a recently paroled prisoner.  Of course perhaps the prevalence of guns on the streets due to the inability of the legislature to track traffickers may also be at fault.

Is Wyomissing based Sovereign Bank the next big financial institution to bite the dust?  I’m wondering if my meager funds are safe after their stock fell 70% yesterday.

A water and sewer referendum will be on the fall ballot allocating $400 million in borrowing.  It would upgrade many crumbling systems.  It strikes me as woefully insufficient in a state the size od Pennsylvania.  It is a start however.  Our crumbling infrastructure needs major attention and could be a way to create jobs and hold off recession.

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News & Notes

The DNC has launched a new website for the presidential campaign.   “The website features web videos and research on John McCain’s support for the Bush agenda and his promise of more of the same., including McCain bragging about voting for the Bush agenda more than 90 percent of the time and noting that he agrees with President Bush on the transcendent issues of the day.  The site also shows President Bush returning the favor, saying he’ll do whatever it takes to help John McCain win and calling him the best candidate to “carry forth his agenda.”  Even President Bush knows that John McCain wouldn’t change Bush’s economic policies.”

The Constitution Party is being accused of bait and switch in Pennsylvania because they have replaced their named candidate on their petitions with that of Bob Barr.  Barr was not the name they put on nominating petitions they circulated to gain ballot access.  Voters are upset.

Former Third CD candidate Steve Porter has been tossed from the ballot as an independent candidate because he helped people fill in his petitions.  The law regarding nominating petitions is quite clear and strict:  voters must fill in all the information themselves.  It’s amazing how many campaigns don’t understand this.  If you don’t are you smart enough to be a Congressman?  In too many areas of the state the answer is yes.

Gov. Rendell has renewed Pennsylvania’s option for abstinence only sex education.  Most states have now opted out of the failed program.  In light of recent news this seems an unforgivable lapse of judgment.

The ACLU is saying Pennsylvania Pardons officials are lying to released prisoners, telling them that as convicted felons they cannot vote.  They can.

Barack Obama reportedly will  campaign in Lancaster tomorrow and Joe Biden will be in Langhorne.  Since it seems they are no longer sending me information that’s all I have.  Biden is one of those chiefly responsible for allowing predatory lending practices by banks.

2 thoughts on “News & Notes”

  1. …with a few things.

    1) Bob Barr, I hope he pulls some support off of McCain, but something tells me I doubt it will be that effective.  I feel for the Constitution Party of PA, that has now become the defacto Libertarian Party for Presidential voting purposes.

    2) The nominating petition thing:  Look I understand why it is so important that the voter be the one and the only one to fill out the entire thing, as I can see the obvious potential for abuse.  However, I think it underscores the larger need to repeal nominating petitions altogether for every office, regardless of party or ideology.  It is a gimmick to further keep people from truly participating in government.  I believe in democracy where everyone, from the most likely to get elected to the least likely to get elected, can put their name up and have a go at it and that’s that.  Beyond having the actual individual candidate file an affidavit that states that they want their name included on the ballot to verify who they are and that they have residency to run for that office, I think the rest of it is really just a way to rig things.  

    What is everyone so afraid of, that they have to have nominating petitions on top of a slough of other rules to be old enough and such to run for most offices?  We talk a good game of freedom, democracy, fair elections, process, and such, but where we could really exercise those things, I see more means of obstructing that from happening than removal of obstruction to help it happen.  People are turned off to running for office at this point, because they have been thoroughly drilled into their heads that only certain people will ever be given any real shot at office and that most of them aren’t those people, which is damn shame and another reason to tell political parties to go to hell.  The two big parties don’t want the larger electorate to be that active or involved, because then they won’t be able to control things to the lovely little barnyard fenced-in pig pen they’ve fixed up for themselves.  They only want you to be awake enough to come and pull a lever or touch a screen (if you really touched the one you thought you were selecting) once a year or once in 2 or 4 years to pick their groomed selections.  I’m sorry but that is NOT real freedom, it is NOT real choice, and it is so rigged, even the casinos don’t have odds that good.  

    Eddie Rendell at this point probably doesn’t give a rat’s behind what he does, b/c let’s face it, if Obama wins, he’s DC bound for a cabinet level post, probably, and if not, he’s got 2 years until retirement from the governorship.  I agree it was unforgivable because it keeps PA kids more at-risk for pregnancies from fooling around because they can only talk about abstinence, which generally doesn’t work.  

    The PA Board of Pardons lying to prisoners, why I am shocked.  I know that most people don’t give a shit if anybody who did time has the right to vote or not, but honestly, if you want these people to ever have a chance at feeling semi-normal again, being able to at least have a say in who is running the joint, where they used to reside ain’t a bad idea.  Sure, the life-long crooks will probably not vote for someone who put them away, but given time they’ll be back inside anyway.  Still, for the people who screwed up and really want a 2nd chance, this is a rotten trick to pull.  

    You know I really hope the Obama and Biden people don’t pooch screw the ground game again, like they have in the last few elections in this area.  They talk about how they need to win this area, but folks I’ve been part of this “crew” in the past, and they usually hand it off to the local congressional candidate, who doesn’t have the greatest staff, generally, or they rely on the local party people, some of whom I’m guessing are still bitter about Hillary, some of whom are still being petty over the County Commissioners race of last fall, and some who perhaps plan on voting for McCain, because they are that short-sighted or spiteful, or both.  

    I’d consider lending a hand again, but I really don’t want to have to be that closely associated to a party again.  

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