Captain Renault Comes to PA

Captain Louis Renault of “Casablanca” fame has arrived in Harrisburg and is opining on the hypocrisy surrounding BonusGate.  Quoting the famous movie character’s shock of discovering gambling going on at Rick’s cafe Americain you’ll recall this:

“I’m shocked, aboslutely shocked, to find there’s gambling going on in this establishment!”

Similarly Attorney General Tom Corbett is shocked to find there’s political campaigning going on in the state capitol!

The good Captain has launched a blog to show his outrage.  His statement:

The oftentimes cynical reporters and editors who cover politics in our state haven’t done much to point out the hypocrisy and double standards in the “Bonusgate” story.  Most of the Main Stream Media (MSM) here refuse to believe that politics could be injected into the justice system.

But Captain Renault knows better, and so do you.

In fact, we have seen this particular movie before and it’s a bad one.  For nearly two years, the MSM refused to take seriously the charges being made (mostly by bloggers) against the US Justice Department and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales that politics were running rampant in what were supposed to be the halls of justice.

The bloggers would not let up and the MSM finally could not ignore the story any longer, and we know how that movie has ended.

Captain Renault was inspired by the bloggers who covered the Alberto Gonzales story.  As Bonusgate developed over the last 18 months or so, Captain Renault watched and read the developments like everyone else.  The longer the story went on the more clear it became that hypocrisy and double standards were ruling the day.

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