Sarah Who?

That was my first reaction to the selection by John McCain of Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, to be his running mate.

Obviously he is matching the old/young combination of the Obama model although McCain will argue he has it in the right order. I suspect he’s also trying to capture disaffected Hillary supporters although to match Hillary’s and Sarah Palin’s positions on ANY issue would take miracle. She’s pro-life, supports the death penalty, she opposes gay marriage and supports the denial of benefits to gay citizens, she is a life member of the NRA. On the social issues anyway she’s the antithesis of Hillary Clinton.

Governor of Alaska for 18 months or so, Sarah Palin describes herself as just a typical hockey mom. She first governed the town of Wasilla Alaska, population 7,000 (people)…the moose and elk population are unclear because of the nomadic nature of moose and elk, now she is the Governor of Alaska, population less than 2 times the population of Berks County (in people)…again the moose and elk population are larger in Alaska but are not counted because Sarah Palin view moose and elk as pests to be shot.

Our esteemed opponents from the other side of the aisle who argue that Obama is not ready to be President will, no doubt, have a interesting time explaining how Sarah Palin can fill those shoes if John McCain dies in office (which to me seems more likely than Obama dying in office).

When she asked “What does the VP do?” Bill Maher suggested the following answer, ‘They start wars, they enrich their friends, they subvert the Constitution and they shoot people in the face.” Given that she is currently under investigation for abuse of power she certainly will be on good footing should she take over for Dick Cheney.

McCain, who has been touting hemself as the only candidate who can protect us from the terrorists expects us to believe that if he dies this hockey mom can handle things? Maybe if the terrorists suddenly turn into to moose and start attacking us with snowballs!

I think the Democrats ignore Sarah Palin at there own peril and I think Senator Biden has a tough job to debate Ms. Palin and not come off as being disrespectful to a woman…personally I’d grind her into the dust but that would turn off woman voters and do more harm than good.

She may be a hockey mom with 5 kids including a down syndrome child (who, by the way is missing from EVERY family photo I’ve seen so far…does that tell you something about her family values?) but the more pictures I see and the more I read make me think that smile is pasted on.

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