Raining on the Republican’s Parade

As Republicans prepare to hold their convention in the Twin Cities next week Hurricane Gustav heads for either Houston or New Orleans.  My word, who will they blame this time if it hits NOLA since the Governor is now a Republican?

Gustav will preempt much television coverage and remind voters of the Katrina fiasco and the mismanagement by Republicans which led to so many deaths.  It will highlight one of their biggest failures of the past eight years just when they’re unveiling their team.

I predict Sarah Palin will lose this election for the GOP.  Untested, naive, with no experience in the tough mettle of a national race the media will eat her alive.  Then watch and see what Joe Biden does in the VP debate.  A gentleman through and through he may finally opt to allow her to hang herself.

Running for national office is a bit unlike running for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.  The press attention and focus is slightly more intense.  Every word she utters will now be national news and she came off yesterday as a lightweight.  A few major gaffes and the nation will question John McCain’s judgment for the last time.  Last time because he’ll be toast.

How long until Sarah Palin gets the deer in the headlights look and panics?  A week?

3 thoughts on “Raining on the Republican’s Parade”

  1. …as generally the reported headline from MSNBC.com has touted about the stance the officials are taking in New Orleans this time around, has been one of “Get out or you’re on your own”.  

    Gee…doesn’t that sound an awful lot like the general “warmth” that the GOP of the Bush cadre have been noted for over these last 8 or so years?

    I mean, should we really be surprised that they’ve told residents there will be no refuge or shelter of last resort?  Hell, if they keep up the politics they’ve done on this whole country, we’ll have no shelter or refuge of last resort after a few more Presidential terms or congressional, state or local efforts.  

    I guess what pains me, more than watching this inanity in action and the seemingly robotic indifference to people in the name of some imagined state of GOP nirvana, is that GOP people who are NOT like these current buffoons are still largely planning to vote for these folks and then sit and wonder why things are the way they are.  Gee…I don’t know, could it be you helped to keep derelicts in office, who again love to tout government as being something people should not count on or look to at all for support and maintaining good order, but are the ones in charge of running that government (hello, paradoxical irony that hurts).  

    While I doubt anyone hopes for Gustav to be as bad a storm as it forecast to be, and that it doesn’t slam NOLA, everyday that Gustav gets a bit closer, the potential imminence of where it will go obviously increases.  I’m expecting some media wingnut out there to have some temerity to suggest that Democrats are cheering on Gustav right now.  It is that crazy a year, and if they are truly desperate people, unglued over the impending loss of 1600 Pennsylvania in November, they might be apt to say some really cock-eyed stuff, at least the really hard-core ones might.  

    I just hope the other major networks have the sense to not do some political fallout analysis on this, if Gustav ends up where it might.  For it is not the weather that is the political influence, but how government responds to said disasters that is the only political variable, and even then is contingent upon multiple layers of involvement at multiple levels of government.  

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