Pittsburgh Democrats to Welcome McCain Tomorrow

Democrats in Pittsburgh plan on welcoming John McCain to the Steel City with a birthday cake, 72 candles, and a fire extinguisher.  The fire extinguisher is deemed necessary due to the high fire danger from so many candles.

PITTSBURGH: Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner and Allegheny

County Councilman Jim Burn will be wishing John McCain a “happy

birthday” on Saturday, August 30th a 10 a.m. at Market Square in

Pittsburgh to highlight another year of ômore of the sameö.

Democratic leaders will present a cake and talk about how McCain will be

offering more of the failed Bush policies on the economy, energy, job

creation, social security and health care.

A traveling billboard will also be shown to demonstrate how McCain and

running mate Gov. Sarah Palin will continue embracing the ineffective

policies of the past eight years.

  WHAT: Wagner and Burn to wish John McCain “happy birthday”

  WHERE: Market Square, Pittsburgh

  WHEN: Saturday, August 30, 10 a.m.


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