Palin: Tool For Mining, Anti-Environmental Interests

john McCain is running for president partially on a platform of environmentalism, trying to convince voters he’s different.  However he has chose a running mate who is a climate change denier, opposed a Clean Water Initiative and is siding with Alaska’s vast mining interests against the salmon.  Interesting since her husband is a commercial fisherman.

As Governor Sarah Palin which would have protected Alaska’s water against acidic mine runoffs.  So much for the “green” John McCain.  Palin has also supported the mining industry on a plan to build a dam to hold polluted mining water and endanger a huge salmon fishing area.  The bottom line is she is owned, lock, stock and barrel after barrel, by the oil and mining industries in Alaska.  She is so extreme on the issue she personally campaigned against the ballot initiative even though Alaskan law prohibits the Governor from so doing.

Bristol Bay is the most productive fishing area in the world.  Home to salmon, it is being endangered by mining interests who want to build a huge dam.  Palin supports the mining interests.

An enormous open pit copper and gold mine would be allowed and the dam would hold the acid waters and runoff produced by the mining.  This will greatly endanger the Bay.

Gov. Palin also opposed protecting the polar bear through the Endangered Species Act.

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