Palin: “Someone Explain What the VP Does”

john McCain’s VP choice was on CNBC addressing questions about the scandal surrounding her office and the Vice Presidency.  She looks like a little girl sitting in a huge chair, not a good visual for Palin, and, again, does not appear to have the stature and gravitas for a national executive position.

To answer Palin:  if you are VP to John McCain your job, every morning, will be to inquire as to whether the President made it through the night.  Your second obligation will be to follow him everywhere with an umbrella over his head to protect him from further cases of melanoma.

One thought on “Palin: “Someone Explain What the VP Does””

  1. desperation .. I can’t wait to hear what Tyler has to say about this … and if you go all executive experience .. doesn’t she have more than McCain?

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