Learning From Katrina

As New Orleans empties one must remember three years ago when George W. Bush camped out on his ranch in Crawford avoiding Cindy Sheehan and Camp Casey.  To try and distract the press he flew off to San Diego where he accepted a guitar then went to Arizona where he attended John McCain’s birthday party and held an event to convince Americans to privatize Medicare.

We all should remember the pictures from New Orleans while Bush fiddled his way through McCain’s birthday cake.  This time, as Gustav bears down, Bush is canceling his visit to St. Paul and the Republican National Convention.  My questions are these:  why do so many Americans have to die for George W. Bush to learn his lessons?  Why is John McCain so willing to cling to those failed policies?  And finally, how many more Americans will die before McCain learns?

We never did have an official investigation into who was to blame and why for Katrina.  Studying what went wrong would have better prepared us for Gustav.  How many will die next week because Bush and his minions were more concerned with protecting the arses than fixing what was wrong.

It isn’t a agme when lives are at stake.  Now more lives are at stake and, at least, Bush has the good sense to remain at the helm during a crisis.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is this year we can play the Blame Game and put accountability where it belongs.  Join in and play the Blame Game on November 4th before your community winds up like this:

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