Experience Counts? Welcome to Wasilla

After spending the past year assailing Barack Obama for lacking the experience to be president John McCain chose a running mate whose qualifications consist of being Governor of Alaska, a state with the population of Austin, Texas and the former Mayor of Wasilla.

Let’s examine her credentials.  With McCain celebrating his 72nd birthday and a cancer survivor, his running mate takes on more importance than Obama’s.  What is Wasilla and how does being its Mayor qualify Palin to possibly run the country?

Wasilla is small town an hour from Anchorage with about 7,500 people.  It is 12.4 square miles and has no zoning whatsoever.  Development is unplanned.  The city doesn’t even have a website for zoning any longer.  So what did she do as Mayor?  The town’s police force is only five years old and is small.  Somehow she parlayed this into fighting corruption in a state known for corruption.  She actively campaigned with indicted Sen. Ted Stevens though she seems to be hiding her connections with the corrupt Senator.

Wasilla’s website shows the fantastic Alaskan mountains and scenery but Palin seems bent on destroying her adopted state’s wilderness so mining interests can rape the land and bays.

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