Bush hails himself and pats himself on the back with “progress” Iraq war rhetoric

This morning, Bush proclaimed alleged gains in the Iraq occupation. He boasted about a downturn of violence, saying that violence has been at its lowest since 2004, that rate is holding and the Iraqis are more capable of keeping the country secure. He also said that he expects further reductions in troops, however progress is still reversible. he also peddled tired old rhetoric with saying that the best way to support the troops is to blindly support their long deployment and stay there. The only thing here that is any different is that he mentions that starting on August 1, troops heading to Iraq will do 12-month shift instead of 15 months- but that doesn’t apply to a soldiers already there.

Obviously, with only 5 months to go of his presidency, Bush is desperate to point anything he can manipulate the American people into thinking is progress. he is eager to feed his cronies, McBush and co, the fabled adventures of the so-called surge and the rise of troops in the Diyala Province as the miracle to the decline in violence–completely ignoring the rise in the millions of displaced refugees, the ignoring of the rise of violence/lack of troops in the real Al Qaeda area of Pakistan/Afganistan, and the recent bombing of 56 people in Iraq by female suicide bombers that killed a large amount of our troops. Don’t let them make you forget this with the lack of media coverage on the numbers: 4125 troops having been killed since 2003. Nouri al-Maliki is taking a pro-active stance at trying to make sure that the Bush Administration doesn’t try to subvert the Iraqi people’s will of wanting the troops to go back home. With his legacy at stake and his buddy McSame hanging on the clothes liner waiting to be washed up by Obama, he is pushing these press statements to distract the American people. It may be just me, but maybe the best way to answer the Bush-McSame tag team is to press the remote’s off button.

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