Bennett Challenges Dent to Energy Debate

Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as the people to blame for high gas prices.  This is ludicrous.  Just because we won’t cave into their multi-million dollar public brainwashing media campaign to drill everywhere they say we’re to blame.  These folks have no shame.  Their idea of an energy plan was invading Iraq.  Their idea of conceiving that plan were secret task force meetings with the oil, gas and mining industries and no input from anyone else.  When the secrecy of it all was challenged Bush and Cheney went to court to keep it secret.

Of course we all discovered their plan:  invade Iraq and take over their oil fields.  Remember how easy this was going to be?  John McCain said it was going to be a piece of cake and cost little.  One more foreign policy blunder for the Arizona Senator who wants you to forget he supported this fiasco from the start.

Congressmen like Charlie Dent have done nothing to wean us off oil, foreign or domestic.  He’s done nothing to develop tax credits for geothermal, solar, wind or biomass energy sources but he wants you to believe Sam Bennett, who has never had a vote in Congress, is to blame.  Of course the way to solve this problem is electing Sam Bennett to replace Charlie Dent.

Bennett Challenges Dent to Gas Prices Debate

ALLENTOWN – With gas prices at $4 a gallon and Big Oil companies like BP reporting 28 percent higher profits than a year ago, today Sam Bennett called on Congressman Charlie Dent to meet her and debate energy and gas policies.

“For four years Charlie Dent has voted with George Bush on energy policies that have rewarded their Big Oil friends and done nothing to lower gas prices. We need an advocate in Congress who will enact policies that will hold Big Oil accountable, invest in renewable fuels, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” said Bennett, a community leader and small business owner. “If Charlie Dent is serious about reducing gas prices, he’ll meet me to discuss the issue in August.”

Dent has taken more than $100,000 from Big Oil and energy executives and voted repeatedly for the interests of the oil and gas industry instead of for real solutions to lower gas prices for working families. Just last week, Dent voted against the temporary release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that historically has reduced gas prices by 20% [H.R. 6578, roll call voted #527, 7/24/08]. In February, Dent voted to provide $13.6 billion in tax breaks to oil and gas companies [H.R. 5351, roll call vote #84, 2/27/08].

Bennett called for the debate to be held the week of August 11th when Congress is scheduled to begin its summer district work period.

Below is the letter to Congressman Dent:

July 30, 2008


The people of the Lehigh Valley deserve to know where we stand on the issues. That’s why I would like to invite you to join me the week of August 11th to a public debate about energy and gas policies.

I believe a debate would provide an ideal forum for us to each discuss our energy plans and highlight our different approaches to the skyrocketing cost of oil and gas.

Please have your staff contact my campaign at 610-770-3280 to make the arrangements.

Warm Regards,

Sam Bennett

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