A break in HIV research in a Texas laboratory that may stop HIV infection

There may be a break in the HIV virus in Texas laboratory.

Dr. Paul and Dr. Miguel are talkign about destroying HIV permanently with loading immune system with new breakthrough. They discovered a weak spot in HIV in a key protein in its structure that doesn’t mutate. They strike it with something called an abzyme. This could be used to control HIV in people that already have it, prevent infection for those at risk of catching virus, and stop the virus from mutating. It has held up in lab testing and animal testing. they still need funding for human trials, this is where problems happen, because clinical trial are expensive. This is where they may find a preventative vaccine for the virus that causes AIDS.

Don’t even ask about funding from the Bush Administration on this breakthrough. they fight progress on anything helpful to the American people.

Here is the full story on Al Gore’s own Current TV’s website:


McShame desperate to paint Obama as celebrity narcissist, worrying GOP negativity scaring voters

GOP, with empty pockets, are desperate to paint Obama as a celebrity narcissist, but some in GOP are nervous that McBush is getting too negative and not showing blue collar voters reason to vote for him. The GOP had strategized the maneuver for months and in April launched Audacity Watch. The one-liner of a narcissist celebrity nominee that can’t wait to be president started penetrating the mainstream when David Letterman did his skit “Top Ten Signs Barack Obama Is Overconfident.” That is when this started turning into a potential liability. the McBush stopped trying to hit him so much with the issues and started trying to nail Obama’s character. That is when the McBush campaign played their newest TV ad depicting Obama as nothing but a celebrity- putting his image with the Berlin crowd of 200,000 alongside Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, message: unfit to be president. However, the Obama campaign responded hours later to the ad accusing the McShame campaign of taking the low road and practicing the politics of the past.

With McShame’s desperate search for something to attack Obama with, thye are playing with risk. the constract between Obama’s charisma and McBush constant flip-flops and inability to excite his base could become more apparent and finally push Obama over the line of the commander-in-chief race. With all the previous presidents in mind, measure the personalities of John Kennedy through Ronald Reagan it is apparent that the American people do want a good amount of “celebrity” and charisma. However, the McShame campaign has failed to realize that even their own base is nervous about the possibility that the voters they are shooting for could get turned off. McBush campaign has focused so much on Obama (because, let’s face it: this race is a referendum of Obama and whether he is ready to be president) that they have failed to sell their guy. He could risk looking angry and partisan and turn off even Independents. it could further show him to be what he really is: a champion of old and archaic politics and overlooking the nature worries and concerns of the nation- the economy. Plus, cheap shots could just plain make him look juvenile. On the otherhand, it seems like he is taking his notes off the Clinton primary playbook.

However, what this means for the Obama campaign is that they need to get Obama back to making the contrast between him and the failed Bush-McSame policies that have put the American people in such a financial slump now, and that they can trust Obama on the economy because he feels their pain at the pump and the wallet. The McShame campaign have no answers except the tax cuts that have helped drain the country of its money and created a financial vampire of the endless occupation of Iraq to the abandonment of Afghanistan.

Bush hails himself and pats himself on the back with “progress” Iraq war rhetoric

This morning, Bush proclaimed alleged gains in the Iraq occupation. He boasted about a downturn of violence, saying that violence has been at its lowest since 2004, that rate is holding and the Iraqis are more capable of keeping the country secure. He also said that he expects further reductions in troops, however progress is still reversible. he also peddled tired old rhetoric with saying that the best way to support the troops is to blindly support their long deployment and stay there. The only thing here that is any different is that he mentions that starting on August 1, troops heading to Iraq will do 12-month shift instead of 15 months- but that doesn’t apply to a soldiers already there.

Obviously, with only 5 months to go of his presidency, Bush is desperate to point anything he can manipulate the American people into thinking is progress. he is eager to feed his cronies, McBush and co, the fabled adventures of the so-called surge and the rise of troops in the Diyala Province as the miracle to the decline in violence–completely ignoring the rise in the millions of displaced refugees, the ignoring of the rise of violence/lack of troops in the real Al Qaeda area of Pakistan/Afganistan, and the recent bombing of 56 people in Iraq by female suicide bombers that killed a large amount of our troops. Don’t let them make you forget this with the lack of media coverage on the numbers: 4125 troops having been killed since 2003. Nouri al-Maliki is taking a pro-active stance at trying to make sure that the Bush Administration doesn’t try to subvert the Iraqi people’s will of wanting the troops to go back home. With his legacy at stake and his buddy McSame hanging on the clothes liner waiting to be washed up by Obama, he is pushing these press statements to distract the American people. It may be just me, but maybe the best way to answer the Bush-McSame tag team is to press the remote’s off button.

Bloated with Gas

You know that $4.00+ a gallon gas you’ve been paying for?

Is it REALLY so much about the cost of oil?

Exxon just reported it’s largest quarterly earnings EVER. $11.68 billion.

But when the heads of the oil companies testified in front of Congress they said the price of gas was justified because of the price of oil.

Of course when asked if they could cut the price and make a little less profit they all say there like bumps on a stump that suddenly went deaf and dumb.

Do you REALLY think there’s no connection here?

Is Boscov’s On Life Support?

The Boscovs department store chain, based in Reading, is on life support according to various news reports.  Interestingly the newspapers say the chain is cash poor and unable to stock its shelves for back to school.  I find this incredible because we’re into the back to school season so its quite late to be looking for financing for those goods.  Buyers at chains like this are bringing in Christmas  merchandise and buying their winter lines, not back to school.

The fact vendors have cut them off is significant.  The company is searching for financing, good luck in this economic climate.

I have no love for Boscovs.  I don’t shop there because the stores are very unfriendly for those of us with disabilities.  Chocked too full of racks, with narrow aisles clogged with boxes and other impediments to safety, Boscov stores are accidents waiting to happen for customers.  I’ve known disable people who did get hurt in their stores due to their negligence keeping clear aisles and the company fights these legal cases tooth and nail when they’re obviusly at fault.

The bigger question, politically, is how a Boscov bankruptcy could affect Al Boscov’s campaign contributions.  The conservative Democrats spreads his cash to many politicians, including maxxing out for the likes of Rick Santorum and Joe Pitts.  He almost never supports liberals and progressives and has a personal stranglehold on Berks County politics.

No politician in Berks County wants to cross Al Boscov.  He writes sizable checks to State Representatives, County Commissioners and others.  Not one of them can no to the man without risking their career.  The result are some dubious projects lately.  A large shopping center being built in Exeter Township was rammed through amidst lies and deception because he was behind the effort.  The same for a questionable apartment complex in Reading.  Boscov always demands tax abatements for his projects and always gets them whether they are worthy of tax subsidizing or not.  People in Exeter are up in arms over the Exeter Commons project after an ousted Township Commissioner claimed there was no public opposition to the project.

I won’t shed any tears if Al Boscov goes down or if his dangerous stores go bust.

Drowning In Debt

President Bush signed the housing rescue bill, one of few pieces of legislation Republicans have allowed through during this Congressional session.  One of the bad items in this bill is the raising of the national debt limit, again.  This time it increases by $800 billion.

In a national debt of almost $11 trillion $800 billion may not seem much but let’s put this in perspective:  $800 billion was our entire national debt until the Reagan Revolution of irresponsible Republican economics began in 1980.  In the 28 years since we have increased our debt tremendously.

This has been the strategy of Republicans looking to bankrupt our economy so they can impose radical Friedmanesque cuts to government services, privatize government, and leave tens of millions of Americans unemployed and in poverty with no safety nets.

It is a policy which has failed repeatedly for everyone except the rich and wealthy who continue getting richer and richer.  It always results in massive transfers of wealth from all of us to them.  The principles of this economic policy mean huge cuts in government spending.  In our country they see this as being improbable of achieving so their economic strategy, which they call “trickle down economics” (have you seen any of that yet?) involves bankrupting the government with huge amounts of debt until we have no chocie but to implement their radical cures.

These mean the complete exploitation of labor by outlawing unions, slashing wages, deregulating all business (their definition of “freedom” means completely free markets, not civil liberties), privatization of government, and the violent suppression of dissent using torture if necessary.  Does any of this sound familiar?

George W. Bush has certainly begun using torture as national policy while drastically cutting essential government programs.  He is greatly expanding our debt with his wars while our wages go down, inflation eats them away and the rich get richer.  He has privatized our federal government with corrupt, no bid contracts to his corporate partners and even privatized our national security apparatus.

Republicans don’t actually believe in good government.  They only see government as an opportunity to make money for themselves and their friends (corporations).  They have no concept of public service and the public sector, to them, is simply something to be exploited.  This is the biggest, most fundamental difference between liberals and conservatives.  We liberals have a strong sense of the public good, public service, and want the public sector to be a powerful, positive agent of change for good in people’s lives.  Republicans simply want to use it to enrich themselves.  They want to destroy government because they don’t believe in a common sense of public ownership.  They do not think the public should own anything, your tax dollars should be used to enable them, and their businesses, to buy all the public works and assets and use them for their own profit.

This is why I am so against privatization:  public monies should remain public, tax dollars shouldn’t be used to make profits for private entities, and all public assets should remain public property.

What happens when the military is privatized and outfits like KBR take over?  You and I pay for all those facilities, trucks, helicopters, heavy equipment and everything else they use and build to support our troops.  But they own them.  They get all this on something called a “cost plus” basis:  meaning we automatically cover all their costs, no matter how wasteful or outrageous, plus a guaranteed profit.  There is no accountability for corruption, greed, failure or incompetence.  As a result our soldiers are being electrocuted in showers, clean, potable water is questionable, electricity in Iraq is a fantasy, and we have more contractors in that country than troops.

All at great profit to the companies involved.  Guess what they do with a sizable amount of that profit?  They give it to Republicans in Congress, the White House and other elected officials to keep their gravy train on track.  Why should tax dollars be used to enrich corrupt businessmen?  All these services were provided for considerably less by our government and no one profited.  Now corporate America has a powerful incentive to continue armed conflicts and expand them, it is a profit center.  Who cares if average and poor Americans are killed when Halliburton is reaping huge profits?

This year’s election should be a discussion of basic economic issues.  Where does Barack Obama stand on all this?  I don’t have a clue and I think we need to know.

Senator Stevens Indicted

Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens was finally indicted yesterday after a lengthy investigation.  The man has been bought and controlled by Veco Energy, one of his state’s biggest companies, for years.  His home was renovated and expanded at considerable expense by his benefactors at Veco and the corruption was so obvious and venal as to shock the consciousness.  Can anyone be so bold as to be so publicly corrupt yet still proclaim his innocence?

Perhaps Stevens is echoing the definition of a “bought” politician from one of Pennsylvania’s own, Simon Cameron, one of the most corrupt in our history who said:  “An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.”

Stevens stayed bought so he thinks he’s honest.

Kanjorski Fights I-80 Tolls

Tolling our interstates to raise money to rebuild our infrastructure is one area where Congressman Paul Kanjorski and I disagree.  I believe its essential we find the funds for these projects and user fees aren’t unreasonable.  I have heard some state lawmakers mistakenly say tolls will only be near the state lines and not impact many Pennsylvanians but this is erroneous.

Congressmen from northern Pennsylvania need to oppose this issue however if they expect support from the voters.  Those of us in southern and eastern Pennsylvania have been carrying an unfair load of turnpike tolls for many years while those traversing I-80 and other major highways have gotten a free ride (literally).


Kanjorski Reemphasizes Opposition for Tolling on I-80

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski (PA-11) sent letters to U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Acting Administrator James Ray stating his opposition to tolling on I-80.  He also urged them to reject the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission’s (PTC) revised application on this matter.

“I have been hearing from many of my constituents about the issue of tolling on I-80, as it would affect residents throughout Pennsylvania, but especially those in the Northeast,” stated Congressman Kanjorski.  “We must invest in projects that will benefit Pennsylvanians, and tolling on I-80 will do just the opposite.  Rather, it would disproportionally burden residents of Northeastern Pennsylvania since many businesses and residents use I-80 to travel and commute.  The tolling would cause financial concerns for residents, and increased congestion and safety hazards on I-80 and on local roads which would receive more use.”

In his letter, Congressman Kanjorski stated his opposition to tolling on I-80 for the following reasons:

·       In 2005, PennDOT conducted a study which recommended against tolling on I-80 because upgrades on the highway recently took place.

·       The FHWA only approves tolls on interstate highways for construction activities on those roads.

·       Tolling would burden existing and potential businesses, especially trucking companies and manufacturers, who use I-80 to transport their products.

·       Such action would cause a financial burden to residents in Northeastern Pennsylvania who use I-80 for commuting and traveling.

·       Tolling would force drivers to increasingly travel on local roads to avoid the cost of the tolls, which would cause more damage to these local roads and increase safety concerns.

Congressman Kanjorski sent a letter to the FHWA Administrator at the time, Richard Capka, on December 6, 2007 expressing his opposition to tolling on I-80 and he urged FHWA to reject PennDOT and PTC’s application.  Less than a week later, the FHWA returned the application stating it had insufficient information.

On November 27, 2007, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC) held a public meeting in Bloomsburg at the request of Congressman Paul E. Kanjorski (PA-11) to provide information and receive feedback about the potential of building tolls on I-80.


Bennett Challenges Dent to Energy Debate

Republicans are trying to paint Democrats as the people to blame for high gas prices.  This is ludicrous.  Just because we won’t cave into their multi-million dollar public brainwashing media campaign to drill everywhere they say we’re to blame.  These folks have no shame.  Their idea of an energy plan was invading Iraq.  Their idea of conceiving that plan were secret task force meetings with the oil, gas and mining industries and no input from anyone else.  When the secrecy of it all was challenged Bush and Cheney went to court to keep it secret.

Of course we all discovered their plan:  invade Iraq and take over their oil fields.  Remember how easy this was going to be?  John McCain said it was going to be a piece of cake and cost little.  One more foreign policy blunder for the Arizona Senator who wants you to forget he supported this fiasco from the start.

Congressmen like Charlie Dent have done nothing to wean us off oil, foreign or domestic.  He’s done nothing to develop tax credits for geothermal, solar, wind or biomass energy sources but he wants you to believe Sam Bennett, who has never had a vote in Congress, is to blame.  Of course the way to solve this problem is electing Sam Bennett to replace Charlie Dent.

Bennett Challenges Dent to Gas Prices Debate

ALLENTOWN – With gas prices at $4 a gallon and Big Oil companies like BP reporting 28 percent higher profits than a year ago, today Sam Bennett called on Congressman Charlie Dent to meet her and debate energy and gas policies.

“For four years Charlie Dent has voted with George Bush on energy policies that have rewarded their Big Oil friends and done nothing to lower gas prices. We need an advocate in Congress who will enact policies that will hold Big Oil accountable, invest in renewable fuels, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil,” said Bennett, a community leader and small business owner. “If Charlie Dent is serious about reducing gas prices, he’ll meet me to discuss the issue in August.”

Dent has taken more than $100,000 from Big Oil and energy executives and voted repeatedly for the interests of the oil and gas industry instead of for real solutions to lower gas prices for working families. Just last week, Dent voted against the temporary release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that historically has reduced gas prices by 20% [H.R. 6578, roll call voted #527, 7/24/08]. In February, Dent voted to provide $13.6 billion in tax breaks to oil and gas companies [H.R. 5351, roll call vote #84, 2/27/08].

Bennett called for the debate to be held the week of August 11th when Congress is scheduled to begin its summer district work period.

Below is the letter to Congressman Dent:

July 30, 2008


The people of the Lehigh Valley deserve to know where we stand on the issues. That’s why I would like to invite you to join me the week of August 11th to a public debate about energy and gas policies.

I believe a debate would provide an ideal forum for us to each discuss our energy plans and highlight our different approaches to the skyrocketing cost of oil and gas.

Please have your staff contact my campaign at 610-770-3280 to make the arrangements.

Warm Regards,

Sam Bennett


Many thanks to Peter and our readers for carrying on while I’ve been slaving away here in Maryland swimming, kayaking and boating.  Its been a tough two and a half weeks but someone needs to support the tourism economy!

We’re renting a waterfront cottage on the Northeast River and much of our family has made it here for at least a few days.  It reminds us of our old family cottage where we spent summers growing up on a nearby river.  I’ll post a few pictures after the jump for those interested in the hardship we’re undertaking here.  Seeing Great Blue Herons and Ospreys has become an everyday occurrence and sometimes we even get to see Bald Eagles.  

The Perryville Community Library is fantastic and has afforded me a nice, bright and reliable internet connection.  Its a beautiful new building and the nicest library I’ve ever seen.

Osprey Nest:

Boats at Bay:

One of our newer family members:

A look at the river:


Kayaks at rest:

Heron Perch: