Response to a Racist

Dear Clown:

Usually I like comedy, but this is the biggest joke I have ever read. Okay, you have totally showed how much of a fool you are. The problem is that you should be a lot more willing to display your comedy in public, where it would get the publicity and response it deserves, especially in Baltimore! You’d be a neighborhood laugh riot. I don’t get why fools have to hide behind a keyboard to spew garbage.

It’s unfortunate why you have to spill parroted garbage from an archaic, old-time from long ago. All you’re speaking in is in tired-old stereotypes and propagated lies that you fantasize to believe in to cover for the fact that you hate yourself. It’s sad to have to use your computer technology from the industrial age to spew out Appalachian woodland brain farts with enough relevance as a bear defecating in the woods in the Dark Ages. I guess you represent what we’re evolving away from. Your fear and loathing of a society that is trashing a defeatist, divide and conquer ideology is becoming more and more passe and invoking change.

You’re going to have to live with the reality that our nation is more and more diverse and educated- and your father’s hatred is on the way out. You’re going to have to start living with it or get left behind and alone to yourself. It’s time to wake up: your beliefs are now irrelevant.

5 thoughts on “Response to a Racist”

  1. look at what happened in Orlando over the weekend .. and the idiots that did it .. and they claimed they were Hillary supporters(which I bet they were Republicans obviously trying to make mischief … we are going to see a lot more of this before November

  2. …but you have to stand firm. You cannot bend to trash like that. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. faced trash like this when community campaigning for civil rights. They barked and moaned and assaulted defenseless people to affirm the banner of the status quo. This is what happens when you know America is waking up. They’ll do anything to keep America asleep and quiet the voice of leadership. Sometimes you have to stop fearing and stand up to the squeals of the racist pig.

  3. yeah, they’re scared of a black man reaching the White House. They don’t want that last glass ceiling broken.

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