Obama Supporters Shutting Down More Blogs

Since our Typepad blog was targeted and shut down by Obama supporters similar actions are popping up all over the blogosphere.   Blogger sites especially seem vulnerable because of Google’s “flag this” button.  Obama people are flagging any blogs criticizing their candidate by flagging them.  Google shuts them down after a certain number of clicks and the owners then must fight to regain their right to free speech.

This all sounds so familiar.  

Recall that this is the same campaign which ripped off my work on My.BarackObama.com and refused to remove a plagiarized article from The Pennsylvania Progressive for two weeks.  Dozens of copyright violations of my work have appeared on MBO without permission and its been nigh on impossible to ferret them out and get the Obama campaign to do anything about the illegal theft of intellectual property.

Its gotten so bad I received a request today to contact Gen. Stewart and do an article on the PA National Guard troops heading back to Iraq.  I won’t do any more articles including Gen. Stewart because Obama volunteers steal them all.  Why should I waste my time writing for a campaign I’m not supporting (because of these extreme ethical lapses)?  I write for my own website and offering  more material for these Obama bloggers to rip off is a waste of time and will only lead to more litigation (which I hardly need).

It’s hard to fathom why these Obama supporters are such assholes.  It sure doesn’t help their candidate because there’s no way any blogger will join them after being dragged through all this BS.  What’s even more amazing is why the Obama campaign isn’t cracking down on these misfits.  This has been going on for months and is only getting worse.

This is why I’m supporting Cynthia McKinney.

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