McCain’s Defaulted on Property Taxes

John McCain admitted earlier this year that economics isn’t his strongest suit.  Neither is finance.  It seemed fine when he got caught doing illegal favors for his wife’s family banker friend Charles Keating but has unraveled now as San Diego County got ready to foreclose on their condo there for refusal to pay property taxes.

The ocean front condo is one of eight homes owned by John and Cindy McCain so I imagine keeping track of all those utility bills, taxes and expenses gets complicated.  This is why Cindy Hensley McCain’s family trust had a bank oversee these complicated matters.

The bank failed to pay the property taxes.  San Diego says the tax bills were returned by the postal service as undeliverable.  No one noticed there hadn’t been any tax payments on one of their eight houses for four years?  Is this the way John McCain administers financial affairs?  He can’t even mange his own let alone the nation’s.

Not to worry however since it wouldn’t have been John and Cindy being evicted by Sheriff’s Deputies.  No, they have their own mansion in Arizona, a ranch elsewhere in the state (what a sweet deal that was!) and six other homes and condos spread around.  No, it would have been one of Cindy’s elderly aunts tossed out on the street.

In a sign of their compassion for “the little people” they saved her the embarrassment and finally paid their taxes.

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